We all know how great the app world is. We can download pretty much anything to our mobile devices and tablets. We simply can not imagine life without such gadgets anymore. It is also important to remember that sites need to be mobile compatible, that way more and more people can easily access them. Sites that do not offer anything interesting are simply getting forgotten by the public because every single day new technologies are created to entertain and also to give your internet experience a nice boost.

Now people are able to make mobile sites and apps animated and much more interesting than they were when they first begun spreading on the market. Now it is possible to add animations, put nice screen transitions and also add a lot more of interactivity to your mobile sites within a blink of an eye. These features are very interesting because not only do they entertain but they are also useful for your site! In case you are wondering where you could easily do these effects then the answer is Proto.io.

In case you have never head of Proto.io make sure you take a look at it, because thousands of people were already able to use such web page to make their pages look much nicer and straight from their mobiles. You will be able to create interesting prototypes and show them to your clients whenever you need and wherever you are. You will be able to handle the Proto.io straight from your mobile gadget. Your client will be able to test the prototype anytime, whether you are finished or not.

Proto.io supports most of the gesture and touch events that you can use on a tablet or mobile. You will be able to zoom, tap and hold, pinch, tap and much more. You will be able to add transitions to your page such as slide, pop, flip, flow, turn and much more. Who said creating apps and sites for gadgets were going to be limited and hard? With Proto.io you can add the nicest effects to your page! You will only have to wait a few minutes t have your prototype up and running for approval!

The prices charged for you to be a Proto.io user are simply great. First of all you will be able to run a test for free and see whether you truly like the software or not. In case you see that the software is truly what you are looking for then you will be able to move and get one of their greatest plans. The Basic plan is TOTALLY free and you will have the right to have 1 active project, have 5 prototype screens, have 1 editor and 10 MB of storage space.  The Plus plan only costs $24 dollars and allows you to have more storage space, have more projects running and also do other things such as print and export PDFs, Publish and Share and much more. Now in case you would like the best plan than you can stick with the Pro plan that costs $49 dollars per month.

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