Why HootSuite was founded?

Businesses and organizations always try to interact with their clients, customers and well wishers and this is the reason why they are using multiple social networks to get connected. It has always been a great hassle for an organization to synchronize these accounts in order to have highly integrated marketing solutions. It was the problem identified by Ryan Holmes when he started his journey as a zealous entrepreneur.

Holmes founded HootSuite in 2009, which is a social media management web-based service, helps the business to collaborate their multiple social networks campaign from a single safe website dashboard.

What can be done with Hootsuite?

There is a wide array of functionalities that are associated with this dynamic tool in this era of social media boom. HootSuite social media managers can perform various tasks in a hassle-free manner. Some of them are mentioned below:

Initiate the social media campaigns.
Identify and grab audiences.
Messages can be distributed using the HootSuite’s unique dashboard.
Team management options to aid manager in streamlining the workflow.
Several collaborators can be invited to manage social networks in a secure manner.
Comprehensive report generating options are available in HootSuite.

Social Networks Supported by HootSuite

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages (business) are the key networks that could be integrated via HootSuite. In addition to this many content apps are also available for the networks like, Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr and etc.

Ryan Holmes- The Founder & CEO

Holmes is a college drop-out and a young entrepreneur, who started his journey as paintball and pizza restaurant investor. Today he is a proud CEO of Hootsuite, which has more than 5 million global users and numbers are still growing.

HootSuite’s Sneak Peek

Ryan Holmes in his interview with ‘This Week with Social Media’ shares interesting facts about HootSuite. He answered several questions including:

Is Google going to launch social network?
What is his point of view on scanning QR codes on Social media ads etc.

Video: Ryan Holmes Hoots About HootSuite.com
(First released in: July, 2010) 

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