tripadvisor.comWhat is TripAdvisor?

According to TripAdvisor’s comScore Media Metrix January 2013, it is the world’s largest travel website. TripAdvisor is a virtual platform that allows its users to find out information about global destinations, flights, hotels, restaurants and vacation rentals. In addition to this, users can rate a particular place and submit reviews about the place they have visited or services they have been provided. TripAdvisor provides travel related contents to the people in order to give them a chance to get better idea about a place before leaving for a trip. Users can also get involved in the various travel forums on

Model of TripAdvisor

It is based on ‘user generated content’ model that allows TripAdvisor to provide free data to the users. TripAdvisor is generating its revenue stream by the provision of paid advertising services to the businesses and interested people.

TripAdvisor’s Credentials

According to Google Analytics, Worldwide data, published in January, 2013; all the branded sites of TripAdvisor constitutes the world’s largest travelling community with more than 200 million unique users every month.

TripAdvisor was founded by Stephan Kaufer in 2000 with the seed capital provided by Flagship Ventures. Since then the company has experienced several merges and acquisitions as well. TripAdvisor has been nominated and won many international and national awards such as:

  • Travel d’Or 2012: Travel Review
  • Adweek Brand Genius Award in 2011
  • Travel + Leisure in 2010
  • Budget Travels’ Reader’s Choice Award in 2010 and many more

All About TripAdvisor’s Founder

Stephan Kaufer is the co-founder, president and CEO of TripAdvisor, Inc. which includes nineteen travel brands. Stephen has also founded CDS, Inc. which provides software render services to its clients. Stephan is the proud holder of several software patents and is also the winner of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award in 2005 for his remarkable efforts.

Watch the Stephen Kaufer’s interview with Philips Wolf, in order to explore the idea behind formation of TripAdvisor. You can also find info about its team and its model in this interview.

Video: Philip Wolf interviews Stephen Kaufer
(YouTube Release: June, 2011)

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