We all know how useful and easy it is to handle Blogspot. There are many different features that make this blog and web page development tool the best option on the market today. The main feature is the fact that it does not charge people a single penny. It is totally free and will always be. However, did you know that it was not like this in the past? This article will help you understand more about the past of the most famous blog network/ blog creation tool available on the web today.

The blogspot is famous worldwide, however it did not start with Google. Blogger was first released back in the year of 1999. It is known as the most famous blog development tool because it made creating blogs easier than ever. Before blogspot, every blogger had to modify html code and add texts one by one to their blogs, however thanks to blogspot now they are able to add new texts with only a few clicks with the help of visual editor. The platform, however had some features that were paid, so it was not totally free when it was first released. Pyra Labs, who first invented blogger received an offer later, in 2003: Google wanted to buy and make blogger their own tool. Pyra Labs accepted Google’s good offer and sold the rights of blogger over to Google.

As soon as Google bought it, it made the tool totally free. Soon, in May 2004 Blogger was released once again, now totally owned by Google. The new visual of the tool was impressive. Google modified and improved some of Bloggers old features in order to make it more user -friendly. Google was successful since Blogger/ Blogspost is now the best option for those who do not have a lot of experience creating and releasing web pages or blogs online. Regardless of its past, blogspot is still a very good option. Google not only improved the looks, however it also added other options such as sharing pictures through the blogs, being able to use certain templates and many other features, including e-mail and RSS feed subscription and blogspot help features.

Every single year Google invests on blogspot. There are new tools released every single year, everything to help the user develop and update their pages with easiness and quality. Regardless of what your site is about or even your blog, make sure you try using blogspot, you will certainly see why people prefer it. Not only is Google improving blogspot for people who develop and update their sites/ blogs regularly, but it is also creating new ways for us, average people to check it daily. The more time it passes the more Google improves blogspot and its good features. You can use Google AdSense on it, for example! It will make the whole web experience much more pleasant and easy for us. Regardless of your profession or even hobbies, make sure you take a look at blogspot and its tools, you will certainly realize why so many people all over the world would never ever change it for anything else.

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