this revolution will be tweetedIn the video below, Clay Shirky has based his conversation on the rapid change in the internet landscape. He talks about how this new age two way media which uses a many to many model has changed history. He supports his statement by quoting an example of the presidential elections and the effort to tap voter suppression by involving the “citizens of observation” to upload any instances sighted and ensure the sanctity of the votes.

Media is not socially interesting until it becomes technologically boring.

Media nowadays is becoming increasingly social and since user engagement is growing, innovation can happen anywhere. This togetherness is actually taking innovation from one level to another which is also leading to become the largest increase in expressive capability.

4 Major periods in history which involved innovation:

In his conversation he went back to the history of media and categorized it as:

a)    Printing press : one way text based communication based on one to many pattern,

b)    Telegraph and telephone:  two way voice communication based on one to one pattern,

c)    Recorded media : sound, photos and movies based on one to many pattern,

d)    Electromagnetic spectrum : Many to Many Pattern

Internet as a media:

The internet has actually combined all the media and made it possible to support group and individual conversations by using a many to many pattern. The internet has become the main mode of carriage since all media gets digitized and gets uploaded to the internet making them all interlinked.

1)    Groups can now interchange ideas

2)    All consumers are also producers since the same media can enable a user to do both tasks.

This conversation has enlightened the viewers with very valuable information. The video player also has the option in the navigation toolbar to set the subtitles to your preferred language in case you are not very comfortable with English.

Video – Clay Shirky: How social media can make history

(filmed at TED 2009 Conference)

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