Web hosting has undergone a number of different changes, with more options becoming available to meet the increase in web developers. Web developing has become so popular because of how many tools are now available to help and guide webmasters into creating their sites. Once a site gets developed though, the webmaster needs to find a way to host the site so it can start to attract visitors. There are many providers which offer basic hosting options, which is enough for smaller sites, but as sites start to attract more traffic or handle more business they will need to have superior hosting. For large business and corporations they can simply purchase a dedicated server to host their sites, but this is an incredibly pricey option. Fortunately, there is another option for larger websites that don’t have the resources of a big business.

VPS Server and Pricing

A VPS (virtual private server) is much more reasonably priced then a dedicated server, but still provides a great deal of support. VPS servers are often times seen as the middle ground between standard web hosting and hosting from a private server. The price alone is usually enough of an advantage for webmasters to at least consider a VPS server.


A VPS server provides much better performance for websites as opposed to sites that are hosted on a shared server. Shared servers have to naturally limit the resources that one single website uses, otherwise it would be seen as unfair for the other websites. A VPS server allows more resources for a site, which means that there will be less lag on the site even in times of heavy traffic. For new sites that are just looking to grow, it is worth upgrading to a VPS server.


Just like with performance, the security of a VPS server is much greater then anything provided by shared servers. Part of this is actually related to performance, since security does use some of a website’s resources. Shared servers again have to worry about the performance of many sites, so ultimately the security can’t be as great as a site being hosted from a VPS server.


Since a VPS server relies on virtual machines to function the webmaster doesn’t have to physically maintain the server. Maintaining a server is something that requires attention, something that webmasters aren’t always able to provide, not to mention it does require its own type of training as well, which not all webmasters are going to have.

Hosting multiple sites

Some webmasters have more then just one site that they are responsible for managing. When purchasing a VPS server, you’re essentially just purchasing virtual space and resources, which means that it is possible to run multiple websites off of a VPS server. This might seem like it would take away from the advantages of a VPS server over a shared server, but what causes issues with shared servers is the fact that there are so many different sites that are being hosted, which doesn’t at all compare to hosting a handful of sites on a VPS server.

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