The commission junction network is one of the largest advertising companies working with affiliate marketing. The commission junction affiliate program is used by 62% of the top 500 retailers, which means that Commission Junction is by far the top preference of the public. Now that we know that people use and love Commission Junction let’s understand what it is all about.

Over the last few years CJ certainly grew. Of course there were ups and downs, however CJ stood firm and is now the leader when it comes to affiliate marketing.  If you are fresh on the field then CJ is certainly the first place where you should go. As a first step you should create your account for free, which is not complicated at all. Just like any other web page you will need to fill in and add some important information about you and what you need.  As soon as you sign up as a publisher then several different doors will be open for you.

With CJ, basically you will have thousands of products that come from different companies that you will be able to get some sort of commissions from. So CJ will be a bridge between you (who happens to be the affiliate) and the companies that actually have the products that are for sale. It is easy and fast. As soon as you log in to it by creating your account you will have to join some of the programs that it offers (there are several different options available for you to choose from). Every single advertiser has his own affiliate program, so if you wish to follow you simply apply to their program. If you apply it shows that you wish to promote their products. The advertiser will then see your application and then accept or decline it. If they accept you then you will be able to use several links that they provide in order for people like you to promote their products and services.

The whole process is very simple and there are many companies that you can promote. The products and services are really good, so you will not have to deal with promoting a cheap product that is not as good as the ad says it is. You may also choose to promote through different methods. You can promote with links, banners, buttons, text in general and others. The more you promote, the more you earn. It is simple and many people are using it nowadays in order to make some extra profit out of their web pages. Make sure you take a look at this very useful tool. Even though some believe its interface is slightly complicated, there is always a way to learn. If you have a little bit of patience, combined with will to grow online you will certainly find the CJ to be a very useful way to help your revenue grow. Patience is always the key to success. Best of luck!

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