You should definitely take a look at, especially if you are a web publisher or a small business owner. If you do not know what Adslot is all about, then let’s help you understand it better. Adslot is a global trading platform that allows you to improve the way you deal with the advertisement and also with the overall sales cycle of your business. It all started in Australia, where this very useful tool was first developed and released. Businesses then got interested because not only is Adslot easy to use but it also provides the user immediate results. It is already proven that a business that uses Adslot is able to save up to 30% of their expenses monthly. Apart from that, this tool allows the business to automate their sales cycle, publishers will be able to deal with their ad space more efficiently while sellers can deal with theirs in peace. Everything is better administrated and the revenue can skyrocket!

Big companies are already using this tool in order to save their time and improve the way they deal with their sales. Now, if you have a small business or even work at one, then you might be asking yourself if this great tool can also be of any help. Well, the answer is yes. Adslot is also a very useful way to improve your small business in general. You will be able to control everything in a much easier way thanks to the fact that everything will be automated and now better controlled by a system. For the publishers Adslot is good because they will be able to decide whether a campaign fits their needs or not right before it is released, that way they will save time and fix problems before they evolve into much bigger ones.  As for sales representatives they will be able to form bonds with the clients, which will help your business grow and become a solid reference on the market. After all, the better you relate to the public, the better people will think of you and your business. Here are a couple reasons why you should try Adslot:

  • You can save by controlling the prices therefore it is very cost effective. You basically set the exact price of how much you are willing to spend.
  • You have access to professionals who are creative. We all know how hard it is to find reliable professionals for a good price. With Adslot you can! You will have amazing banners and other methods to advertise for a good price. There is no need to look for a professional on your own.
  • Every single campaign will only be released after your approval, there is no need to worry about quality because you say whether it is good or not.
  • You will never have to deal with invoicing (which can be a dangerous process), the payments are always done upfront so you will not have to deal with problems. It is all automated!
  • You can integrate with your already existing Ad Ops, that way you will avoid incompatibility issues. You can integrate with Publisher for example so you can have your clients customize the templates as much as they want to!
  • You will be able to control your expenses and have high quality products in your hands. You will also have a team of professionals on the background to help you out should any issues arise.
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