Tips for choosing the best hosting provider for your business

Choosing a web hosting provider will make your life easier, but what information do you need before choosing the best host for you? Security is obviously one of the main concerns. Security breaches in your website will cost your business [...]

Keeping Your Information Safe from Phishers

There’s no denying that the internet has completely revolutionized the way that the world works. Information has never been more accessible and communication has never been easier. One of the biggest advantages of the internet is being able to set [...]

What Makes a Website “Safe”?

The Internet has opened the world to connections in every corner of the globe. But as happens with every good invention, there are humans who abuse a great technology for personal gain, financial success, or worse yet, to bully and [...]

Video: Don’t Punish Everyone for One Person’s Mistake!

It is important not to act under anger whenever bad things happen to you. This interesting and very realistic video shows that wise people do not act while angry and frustrated at one person’s mistake. Unfortunately there is always a [...]

Top 10 Hosting Companies in the World

Before you actually have a site online you have to consider many things. Among these things you need to know what host you are going to use, whether it is paid or for free and many other things. Some of [...]

What to Do in Terms of Drupal Security Issues

In this day and age we depend a lot on computers, and computer security is always a huge concern. Unfortunately there are plenty of bad people out there who want to do nothing more than make our lives miserable. In [...]

Tips to Ensure WordPress Site Security

What started as a rather simple piece of blogging software has really taken the world by storm. In its earlier days, Wordpress was created to help people blog and share their opinions with the world. Its simple and intuitive design [...]

What to Do in Terms of Joomla Security Vulnerability

In a perfect world there would be no such things as hackers or security vulnerabilities, but unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. There are hackers waiting around every cyber corner, and these nefarious people are just looking [...]

Google Webmaster Tools for Dummies

Google Webmaster Tools These are tools provided by Google for the webmaster to check the index status and to optimize the visibility of the site. These tools are free to use. There are a lot of ways in which traffic [...]

Common Methods to Hack a Website

While you are reading this article, a number of websites are being hacked at some corner of the Internet. A hacker not only takes the entire control of the website, but in most cases he/she collects data from the hacked [...]

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