Top 7 Plugins for Creating Backup of Your WordPress Site

There are thousands of things that could go wrong with your WordPress site or blog, and not all of them are preventable. What you can do is arm yourself and preserve your data by creating backups. Backup plugins are exactly-what-they-say-on-the-tin. [...]

CSS Hero Review

Let's say you downloaded a free WordPress theme or bought a premium one from Template Monster, ThemeForest or another template shop. Next step is to customize the theme to your needs. There are different ways to edit your theme. First and foremost [...]

How To Save Money By Eliminating Network Downtime

Businesses and consumers alike are increasingly turning to the Internet to conduct their financial transactions, whether it's paying bills, locating and purchasing goods and services, or monitoring credit cards and bank accounts. This is why, more than ever, businesses in [...]

Video: Understanding Problematic Links on Google Webmaster Tools

As the name suggests, Webmaster Tools is something that many webmasters use to create and monitor their websites. While it isn’t the only tool in existence, it is one of the more popular ones, in no small part because it [...]

Video: Is Nofollow Needed For Widgets or Infographics ?

In a perfect world, webmasters are going to be able to create their own websites from scratch using their own individual codes. Generally this isn’t for the whole site, but at least some sections are going to contain codes that [...]

Importance of a Mobile Optimized Site For Your Business

Given the fast changing times we live in, it’s not enough to have a website. Mobile optimized website has gained in significance and if you don’t have a mobile version of your website then there could be trouble while rendering [...]

Fitting an SEO Expert into Your Business Budget

Marketing has changed. Not only does your business need to pay for all the traditional avenues of marketing, an effective online presence carries its own cost of doing business. Website hosting, domain registrations, website management, and online customer service management [...]

Infographic: Battle of the Browsers

Paul and his friends from CenturyLinkDeals created a wonderful infographic. They sent it to me to share with our readers, so here we go. When I ask my friends which browser they like, most of them say "I hate Internet [...]

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing Website Copy

Maybe you've been writing copy for various outlets for many years, so you're sure there won't be any problems turning out website copy. You could be wrong! Although writing copy of any type has some basic rules, writing copy for [...]

10 Questions to Ask a Blog Copywriter Before Hiring

There are lots of questions to ask before you hire someone to write for your blog or website. The first question you have to ask, though, is: 1. What Type of Writer Do I Need? No two bloggers are alike!  [...]

Case Study: Top Five Advantages of Dedicated Server

Web hosting has continued to become increasingly popular thanks to the fact that a number of web developing programs have been created, making it possible for new web developers to easily get started, but also giving veterans a number of [...]

Case Study: Top Five Advantages of VPS Server

Web hosting has undergone a number of different changes, with more options becoming available to meet the increase in web developers. Web developing has become so popular because of how many tools are now available to help and guide webmasters [...]

Using WordPress Plugins with MailChimp

Small businesses always used to be faced with the challenge of having to find a way to expand their customer base and grow into a larger more well known and successful business. While there is certainly still a challenge, thanks [...]

Case Study: Features of

In order for businesses to be successful there are a number of different areas that need to be managed. Two of the most important areas are staying up to date with the times and technology and providing information about the [...]

Infographic: How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Business?

How to successfully choose a domain name for a business website? This is a question every single person with a business website has already asked. In fact there is no magic, however there are a few tips that will help [...]

Video: What is Google Doing to Provide Support to Webmasters?

Several Webmaster Tools users wonder if Google will ever provide real support for their questions and issues. Users only receive automated responses from the servers. These answers are most of the times not really useful for people who are facing [...]

Should You Invest in a Virtual Terminal?

In a day and age when physical cash is all but obsolete, it is exceptionally important for business owners to provide their customers with efficient and convenient ways to make payments using a debit or credit card. Turn to the [...]

How to Reduce the Size of MySql Databases

MySql is one of the most popular choices in databases, used by many online websites to store user details. When a database is being used online however, one of the most important factors is that it shouldn't take up too [...]

Video: How Does Google Treat Hidden Content Which Becomes Visible When Clicking Button?

People often worry about how Google treat buttons that show hidden content on web pages. On example of this kind of button, for those who did not understand, are those buttons in purchasing sites that reveal more information about a [...]

Video: How Does Required Duplicate Contents (Terms and Conditions etc.) Affect Search?

Several sites all over the web need to have certain content put on their sites. This happens especially for people who have pages that offer services, provide medicines and also that offer the public law related support. These sites often [...]

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