Video: How Does Required Duplicate Contents (Terms and Conditions etc.) Affect Search?

Several sites all over the web need to have certain content put on their sites. This happens especially for people who have pages that offer services, provide medicines and also that offer the public law related support. These sites often [...]

Infographic: Important Stats and Facts of Email Marketing

We send e-mails every single day. We use email to communicate most of the times, in fact we use more emails than any other communication method. If we compare the number of emails sent with the number of phone text [...]

Video: Why Cloaking Is So Bad?

Cloaking is a high risk black hat process done by some web developers. Well, let’s put it all on simple words. Cloaking happens when the server gives the user one page and when Google Bot requests this very same page, [...]

Infographic: Black Hat Vs White Hat

This infographic will help you understand more about the two common SEO tactics used in the SEO world today. First of all let’s clarify once again what SEO is. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means keywords related to [...]

Infographic: 26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website developed a guide with the top 26 things one should think before developing a website. The infographic is neatly designed and is fun to look at. The colors are bright and you will be able to learn with each [...]

How to Deal with Panda, Penguin and Other Google Algorithm Changes

Everything evolves over time. If someone need to survive, he should adapt to the changes. The same concept goes with Google Algorithm. Thus, in an average year Google makes near about 500 algorithms changes. These changes are basically done, to [...]