Will Storytelling Web Design Do the Magic in 2014?

Design has always been a crucial aspect of every website. Be it a business website or an informative site, Web Design has always played a critical role in ensuring the site’s success or failure. Unlike the traditional, flat, impersonal web [...]

Case Study: Google’s Author Rank

There have been many advances in the way that Google prioritizes it’s search results, and one major change to have emerged over recent years is Google Plus. This is a social networking platform and tool created by Google which is [...]

Video: Bad Links Notice Does Not Show Any Examples

People sometimes are unlucky enough to get notices saying that their web page links are bad and that they should be removed. Although Google might send you such notice, it often does not show any examples of what bad links [...]

Infographic: Google PageRank

For those who still do not know what Google PageRank is all about, here it goes: It's a Google score from 1 to 10 that that rates the popularity of an indexed page according to the external links that are [...]

Video: Most Common Misconceptions in SEO World

If you would like to know a little bit more about some things that the SEO industry simply do not seem to understand well, there they go! Some people believe that Google has made a few changes on SEO over [...]

Bloggers – Monitor Your Online Reputation!

Many factors go into developing and maintaining a successful blog. Solid, engaging material that's produced with consistency will help a blogger attract subscribers, but he or she must do more than that to keep those followers. Believe it or not, [...]

Video: Successful AdSense Publishers Worldwide

Google AdSense is a very useful tool for those who would like to have more profit through intelligent advertising. This great tool offered by Google has already helped millions of people who have a web page worldwide to reach a [...]

Infographic: Is It Time to Rethink Your Website?

It is always important to rethink about your business and improve a couple of things here and there. Even if your business is doing great it is also important to analyse certain aspects that could be improved. This infographic is [...]

Video: Most Important Things You Should Pay Attention to in Google Webmaster Tools

This is a question several webmasters should already have asked themselves. Google Webmaster Tools is an extremely useful tool that allows webmasters to analyze their webpages and integrate their websites with a number other services that Google offers. This video [...]

Video: What is the Best Way to Check Your Site for Keyword Rankings?

When you would like to optimize the keywords rankings of your website, you should think more about the phrases most people are looking for. Instead of focusing in a couple key phrases you should rather focus on several other words [...]

A Guide to Understanding Google Adsense Rates

Trying to understand Google’s rates for their Adsense ads can be just as confusing to the layman as trying to figure out a calculus problem. For this reason, many people do not take full advantage of all that Google has [...]

How to Measure Success in a PPC Campaign

Starting an online business is not an easy task; a businessman has to work very hard to run his business successfully. Either the business is big or small; there is always a risk of loss. When a person has invested [...]

Bing Webmaster Tools for Dummies

This article speaks about the Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT) account. If you do not have an account you should get one. There is no better time. This tool helps webmasters by providing them with very relevant data to use and [...]

Google Webmaster Tools for Dummies

Google Webmaster Tools These are tools provided by Google for the webmaster to check the index status and to optimize the visibility of the site. These tools are free to use. There are a lot of ways in which traffic [...]

Measure Your Website Speed: PageSpeed Insights

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." - Lord Kelvin Website Speed Improving website speed is the optimization of the website for speed and performance. This depends on the practices and tools that are used to [...]

Google Analytics for Dummies

Google Analytics is undoubtedly a very powerful web tool for analytics despite it is a free program. This tool helps in analysing the traffic of a website. If the tool is used properly a lot of information can be retrieved [...]

How to Increase Google PageRank

PageRank of a website shows the importance of that website on World Wide Web. PageRank is a system of Google that ranks a web page. According to PageRank, the links acts as a vote. When a page is linked to [...]

How to Increase Your TrustRank

Trustrank is a method of link analysis; it is used to separate the websites and web pages from the spam. Basically, the trust rank is the level of trust which is granted to every website. Trustrank is the most important [...]

How Alexa Ranks Websites

Alexa is a web information company and one of the internet information providers company. It provides the information of traffic and ranking of a website. According to an estimate, Alexa ranks 30 million websites worldwide. A person can search Alexa, [...]

19 Free Online Tools For Developing Your Website

In this article, I would like to share some of my favorite website development tools with you. Here, there is a list of useful, free and online tools to evaluate your website in terms of different criteria. I hope these [...]

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