content is kingYou can read a million pages of website promotion books, you can watch a million hour long videos about SEO, you can spend a million dollars on advertising campaigns for your website. Unfortunately, all of these will be for nothing if you are not presenting “something”.

Content was king; in my honest opinion, content is now the entire castle, entire royal family.

Competition on the Internet has never been so tough. While spammy sites holds the vast majority of the World Wide Web, high-quality websites are also increasing. So if you want to own the next crazy project which changes the world we live in, which become the main topic for an Academy Award Winner Hollywood movie, you must present a different, unique content.

Successful projects, ideas or inventions always encourage people. However, pure motivation may be an illusion. There are lots of people who thought their ideas will be the next Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon or something that big. So they come up with an ordinary idea, they spend less time on developing that idea but relatively so much time on developing how to sell it, how to make money. The result is an over optimized dull disappointment.

It is a hard thing to catch a unique content, a unique idea. When you do, you will not need to spend so much time on link building, directory submissions, etc. Since you will have “the thing”, everyone will talk about you. Other webmasters or blog owners will give “dofollow” links on their web pages. You will not need to communicate with every other webmaster working with your related topic for link exchange conditions.

On the Internet, you can see lots of unique, creative ideas which add value to the web. I usually give a link when I see that kind of innovative idea without expecting a link exchange in return. This is the natural linking, this is what Google engineers and spam team appreciate, this is what PageRank is all about. I think you understand what I mean.

When we see a great content on a web page, we appreciate it, we give links on our blogs, we share it with our friends, we send the link via email, we spread the word around. Content triggers the viral marketing. Content motivates everyone to stay on your page 1 minute longer, reduce your bounce rate 10%, increase your page views 2 pages more.

People always ask about how to increase these numbers. The problem is they do not realize that without attractive and exclusive content, search engine optimization work or online and offline marketing efforts are inefficient. Polishing your product, as hard as you can, will help you little. However, if you start creating much more interesting content for your audience, if you shift your priorities through the content, you will start seeing radical changes on your conversions.

By the way, these are pure observations and experiences of mine, not as I am Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Thanks for reading!
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