dedicated-ip-addressDedicated IP is the unique address of a website that identifies the website on the internet. This unique number identifies a particular computer connected to the internet to let hosts to exchange data. Mainly, large websites and E-commerce websites uses dedicated IP address. For example is the dedicated IP address of ‘Yahoo’ website. Dedicated IP address is required for business oriented websites which use merchant account and accepts credit card payment on the site.

In 1980, IP addresses were allotted with few restrictions to research institutions and large corporations on their request. In the mid- 90s, internet penetration was on a large scale and to provide IP address to all the computers a new mechanism called shared hosting was developed. In this method several websites and domains could be hosted on single webserver which let multiple sites to use same IP address. This allowed corporations to use thousands of websites with limited number of IP addresses. E-commerce websites and websites with sensitive and confidential information needed an IP address which is not shared with other sites on the server to maintain security. This unique IP address in hosting service is termed as dedicated IP address. However, if user has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate, it is possible to set dedicated IP address to be used as ‘shared’ with your clients and other members. All shared reseller and web hosting accounts have only one shared IP address and no dedicated IP address.

SSL and Security Certificates encrypt the communication between the server and the host to provide the security of the website to enable financial transactions and secure confidential information. To use SSL, user requires SSL Certificate installed on the server, dedicated IP address, and updated or recent versions of the browsers such as latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome. SSL provides password protection and avoids attempts of hacking. SSL Certificate can be obtained only if website has a dedicated IP. All shared webhosting accounts have only one shared IP address by default. The website’s IP can be found on the left hand side of the main page of cpanel.

Cpanel is a web hosting graphical web based control panel which helps to manage website and web hosting account. It helps to create databases, manage website files and setup email account and auto responders.

Obtaining a dedicated IP on shared hosting and hosting a website on dedicated server are two completely different things. Buying dedicated IP address on a shared server suffers some disadvantages such as slow loading and limited control. Your website also become blacklisted when others website on shared server is blocked for accessing illegal or pornographic websites.

Some of the reasons why dedicated IP is not required:

  • Doesn’t work for SEO: If the website is on a shared server the dedicated IP would not speed up the websites performance.
  • Doesn’t work on older browsers: Dedicated IP needs to be run on latest version of the browsers.
  • Doesn’t make website run faster: Speed of the websites with dedicated IP slows as website loads slowly and it becomes harder for search engine to index the website. This lowers website’s SERP (search engine result page) ranking and domain authority.

User needs SSL dedicated IP for websites only if it is a banking site or E-commerce website which accepts online credit card payments through merchant accounts or for financial transactions through the website. SSL dedicated IP is also required for the business oriented websites to keep the information confidential. It is definitely not required for SEO purpose or enhancing the speed of the website.

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