search enginesYou have opened a new website. Nice. You have lots of ambition; you see your work as the next Facebook or Twitter. Probably the first thing you would like to do is shout out loud about this great website of yours.

You know that search engines (SE) can bring large amounts of visitors. So you are saying; “If I submit my website to search engines manually one by one, I will reach a larger audience.”

Here is the deal, do not do that!

Do not waste your time

First of all, there are few leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL. Of course, there may be exceptions for some countries, like Baidu for China. Other small ones are not taking traffic compared to these big ones. Also, most of the small engines are just portals, and they are showing results by the help of the index of the big ones.

For example, if you search for top SE in United States by their market shares, you will see how powerful ones are taking the vast majority of the traffic.

Secondly, modern SE bots are smart. If you have a backlink from an older website which is already in their index, then search engine bots will follow this link, find your lovely website and voila. They will save your pages for their index.

If you do not have the opportunity to gain an even tiny backlink, then it is ok, you may submit your new website URL to SE index. However, it is more than enough to submit to major 5-6 search engines. Do not waste your valuable time on finding other minor search engines and their submit page.

Do not waste your money (ever)

You might come across with some email like “We are submitting your website to every search engine on the world for just $ 99.99”. Do not spend a penny for this kind of job. These services are applied by tiny software robots which repeats automated submissions. These automated processes can be penalized by the search engine and your website will be banned just at the start line. Do not make business with companies which promote this kind of services.

If you do not have any backlinks and need to be clear about being in the index, just submit to the big ones by yourself for free. The rest will follow.

For manual submit:

Google: Search “add url google”

Bing: Search “add url bing”

Yahoo: Search “add url yahoo”

Thanks for reading!
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