mochi mediaFlash games have taken a big leap and become one of the emerging industries today. The process of making money with Mochi media feature various modes of ad-supported models that help game developers to monetize with the aid of various micro-transactions.

Using ads
Developers can take advantage of the ads in the game or ads that are present on the site. Advertisements can be placed on the site, where the user can access the ads directly. Developers can get a part of the share every time a user clicks on the ad or even views the ad when the game is played. This is facilitated by means of Mochi media games ads, which displays ads as the user tends to click on the game and begin playing it.

Integrate the code
To earn revenue with ads from Mochi media, it is important that developers integrate a single line of code in their game in order to display ad while playing it. These ads are flexible and can be placed depending on the discretion of the developer.

Controlling the ads
Developers can turn off ads for specific domains per their requirements. This makes Mochi ads flexible and gives developers the opportunity to showcase ads on the sites they want to. Further, the advanced analytics provides real-time data so that developers can analyze how their ads are performing on the web.

Ads with Mochi media feature the following types:
1.) Pre-game ads: Feature a flash or a video ad when the game is loading. The ad lasts for about 10 seconds and is mostly static in nature.
2.) Inter-level ads: Could be a video, a static ad or a flash-based ad that is shown at intervals during the game for a minimum period of ten seconds.
3.) Click-away ads: They are static or Flash-based ads that are provided when there is a break in the game. Users are given the option to click and dismiss away the ad.

Mochi media affiliate program
If the game files are hosted on the site, developers can gain 10% revenue from Mochi media games ads in addition to the on-game ads. For each ad that is displayed through games on the site, you can gain a part of the revenue as a share.

Publishers can connect with thousands of game developers
Developers can go ahead and add their games to the affiliate program, which become a part of the streaming games that are available to the users. These games deliver a part of the ad share or revenue that is generated by means of affiliate marketing, based on the number of purchases or the traffic that is generated from the users.

Mochi media offers website publishers and game developers with easy access to earn additional revenue along with analytics and insights as to how the game is performing. All it takes is to sign up for some Mochi revenue and get started with the process.

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