We all know the Blogspot directory counts with thousands of blogs and web pages available today. It happened because Blogspot is certainly the easiest website/ blog development tool available on the market today. Not only this incredible tool is free to use but it is also incredibly easy to handle. With only a couple of hours you will have your web page up and running! Let’s take a look at this step by step article that will help you understand how you can finally release your blog or web page today, with Blogspot!

  1. First of all access Blogspot, but remember, your site will be hosted under the domain name Blogspot, however you need to type in www.blogger.com in the address bar of your browser, which is the same thing.
  2. Then you can sign up by using your Google account information (such as your gmail). In case you still do not have one, you will be able to easily create it, just like creating any other e-mail account.
  3. Once you are at Blogger you will fill in some information. Blogger will get the main info right from your gmail account, that way you will not have to type everything all over again. You will have to simply add your name and the display name that you wish to show in public. After that, click on CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW!
  4. You will choose the blog title and also create an URL for it.
  5. The next step is to choose your template. There are several options for you to choose from.
  6. You have posting tabs and other options in order to start your blog! If you go under the post tab you will be able to add a post for example. This is a good time for you to explore Blogger and its main features. Take your time, you will soon get used to it!
  7. You can go on post and write a post to your blog! You can even have it as HTML if you prefer.
  8. As soon as you are done with your post you can preview it and then, finally actually post it on your new blog! It does not have to be all colorful or anything, in fact you can choose and change the templates as you go. Anything and everything can be changed with Blogger. For that go under the Design tab,
  9. Using settings you will also be able to settle the overall privacy of your blog. You can choose who can see your posts, who can comment and also who can contribute to everything that you post. You can also adjust, as time goes by, other preferences such as publishing, archiving, comments, permissions and more.
  10. As the last step of this quick guide you may also add other authors to your blog by going under the tab settings> permissions and then finally add another author.

This quick 10 step guide was designed only to provide you a taste of everything that Blogspot offers to you! Go to Blogger now and try these steps on your own! You will see how easy the whole thing is!

Thanks for reading!
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