edgerank facebookYou might have hundreds of friends on Facebook. But in your News Feed, you might seen only a handful of friends’ and pages’ updates. The reason behind this disparity is Facebook EdgeRank. Facebook EdgeRank decides which news is worth showing and which is not. Posts by people who liked and commented on your posts in the past are most likely to be selected by Facebook EdgeRank to show up in your News Feed. Moreover, a post that has received a lot of likes and comments gets more priority in EdgeRank, making them more likely to appear in your friends’ News Feed.

1. Personalize

We have an inherent tendency of posting anything and everything we come across the internet on Facebook, thinking that all our friends would find it just as interesting. But posting links to generic pages would seldom allure any of your friends to click it. The key to earning more attention and increasing your EdgeRank is to be unique and post things that speak of you. Build your Facebook timeline like your own personal brand. If you run a Facebook page, make sure that it is cohesive and every post caters to the page’s theme.

2. Engage

Facebook EdgeRank decides which posts should appear in News Feeds partly on the basis of the posts’ popularity. So essentially, to get more attention, your posts need to have some interactive element in them. For instance, if your post has a question in it, people are more likely to comment to answer that question if not for anything else. Publish posts that encourage interactions and discussions. This automatically makes your post more valuable in Facebook EdgeRank. If you have a page, it is a good idea to create a forum associated with it. Open a group page or create a forum outside Facebook, though the former is preferred.

3. Be informative

There is no alternative to good, informative posts. You can simply write about the scrumptious noodles that you had at that new Chinese place or how terrific your Mom’s brownies are, but posts that have some material worth reading always fare better with Facebook EdgeRank. Being informative does not mean being boring. Use your flair for writing and dress up mundane facts in a creative mold.

4. Use multimedia

Photos and videos definitely appeal to our senses more than plain writing. A picture may worth a thousand words. So, use your multimedia smartly, peppering your timeline with vibrant snaps and lively videos accompanied with an interesting footnote or anecdote.

5. Be regular

Being regular is important because your very popular post will be backdated in a matter of hours, or days if you are lucky. Naturally, you cannot rely on one great post to feature you on all of your friends’ News Feed forever. Publish regularly to be a regular guy on their News Feed. If you have a page with a target audience, make sure you are posting when most of the demographic is likely to be online.

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