Web developers are constantly looking for new tools of the trades, and some of the best tools available are add-ons. Add-ons come in a number of different forms, some of them designed for specific tasks while other times they have more general purposes. Common examples of add-ons include things like download managers, or add-ons that work with specific programs, like with any of the Adobe programs. Because of how many different add-ons there are both new web developers as well as advanced developers will be able to find something that can help them.

Web Developer

As the name implies, Web Developer is quite simply an add-on that is designed to help web developers by adding a number of different developing tools. Web Developer is one of the largest add-ons and contains a number of well organized sub menus. By default though, Web Developer just appears as a toolbar at the top of the page that can be easily accessed. Some of the most popular features of Web Developer include the ability to inspect the CSS on a page, validating web designs, and quickly discover other general information about a web page.


Firebug is a type of add-on designed specifically for web developers working on Firefox. While Firefox isn’t the only browser that developers use, it does tend to be popular because of how much customization it offers, and Firebug just adds onto that. Firebug has become so popular of an add-on that there are even add-ons specifically for Firebug. Just like with Web Developer, Firebug has a number of useful tools for viewing information about a web page. It can also help to experiment with the way different CSS’s react with pages and has many useful tools for changing the styles of web pages.

Measure It

Measure It is an example of one of the more simple, but still very useful add-ons that web developers can use. Measure It is quite simply an add-on that allows the developer to place a ruler on their screen and measure any items that are on the page. There are many aspects of web design that revolve around specifically fine tuning and resizing options, so while it might be a very basic add-on, it is still quite useful for both new and experienced developers.


Much like Measure It, ColorZilla is another add-on that has a very simplistic but important task. ColorZilla specifically helps web developers identify colors on a page. It doesn’t just identify the colors though, it allows developers to pick out specific colors from an image or somewhere on the page that can then be applied to another image or part of the page.

Page Speed

Nobody wants to put up with a slow website, and in most cases if new visitors encounter a slow website they aren’t going to stick around for too long. Page Speed is a developer tool designed to not only test the speed of a website, but also analyzes the page and points out potential improvements to speed up the website. Page Speed was developed by Google, which helps to lend to its credibility.

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