iconfinder.comLaunching a new application on android platform? Or launching a new website? Need catchy icons for your company? Then Iconfinder has the solution for your business/website. One of the most popular websites which is solely dedicated to finding icons is Iconfinder. Launched in 2007, it is the first search engine dedicated to finding icons. Mainly Targeted at web designers and developers, icons are also used by people to design desktops or presentations. Here are some of the reasons why the web community finds IconFinder to be so useful.

Massive database

Being a unique search entity, one would not expect large amounts of content. However, Iconfinder provides users with a database of 214,255 icons or 1,062 icon sets. So for anyone looking for any kind of picture or symbol to represent their work, Iconfinder is to be able to find the perfect one.

Display of results

The search engine shows relevant results for a very wide range of words/phrases typed into the search box. The result page can be viewed in a paginated or a continuous form. The icons displayed at 128 pixel size by default which makes it easy to browse the search results even if you are using a slow internet connection. Maximum size is 528 pixels.

Filtering of the results can be done by using any of the three options available, i.e. No license filtering, allowed for commercial use, allowed for commercial use (no link required).

Easy download of images

Images can be downloaded directly in different formats. The PNG or the GIF format is used in MAC, LINUX operating systems or Photoshop. Users can download the ICO format for use in the Windows system, and ICNS format to use in the apple OST X. The availability of all these three formats gives the users flexibility to use these icons in any system without much of a hassle.

Information on icons

An important feature of the icons displayed in the results page, is the small information button that is available for each of the results. This handy little button shows all kinds of information about the icon, like its license, creator, and size which are extremely useful to any user.

Dedicated help and support

The help and support page is extremely informative and useful, whether you are a first time user or an expert. There are several articles listed under different topics like licensing, purchasing and downloading, bugs and fixes, and so on.

You can also pose your own questions and queries regarding anything on the website. There is also a community holding discussions on various topics. You can also email the website developers regarding any issue you encounter. A feedback page enables you to provide your valuable comments, which are used to improve the website.

Another useful option is the live chat option, where you can get real time assistance.

 Maintaining user accounts

You can also create an account with the website. You can use it to login, save your favorite icons and even enable the API service. The API service enables you to share content with different websites. You will need the API key to enable the API service on your website or application.

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