going viral the wrong way You often hear about some music video breaking record of previously highest number of views; today that has become an accolade in itself. But as always, we interpret it in a very wrong way and believe getting more views or clicks is more important than what is being clicked. If you are a freelancer, you will often come across ads asking for someone to give a certain Facebook page two hundred likes, or add five hundred followers to a Twitter account in exchange of money.

But in the process of obsessing over hits, often we forget the fact that the number of hits or likes is not equivalent to actual followers. True, more hits give new users reassurance about your product. But if a major part of your demographic is actually paid by you to click on your product page, the cause is kind of lost.

For instance, I saw this very gimmicky ad from ‘Buyral’ which will give you as many hits as you want for a price. There are some random terms like ‘clickinterns’ thrown at you. As employees at Buyral keep clicking at immense speeds, mindlessly staring at the computer screens, you can’t help thinking if this is some kind of dystopia worthy of an Aldous Huxley novel. Even older people seem to be deeply enjoying random bursts of clicking, between which, apparently, they need to crack their knuckles in a very indelicate way. Even young kindergarteners are not spared as they are taught addition in the following manner: “1 Click + 1 Click = 2 Click”. Oh, did I mention they learn the math while they are helping desperate webmasters get more hits?

Apart from losing grasp on the vestiges of dignity, there are some real risks involved in this overzealous method of garnering followers. For one, all such services would invariably ask your password, which you would need to divulge. So you need to ask yourself: is getting fake followers is really more important than preserving your account’s safety? Apart from that, there remains the question of what you are actually going to do with so many hits? If you do get thousands of likes or views, your page would go viral, which means it will automatically get more attention. But once real users start visiting your page, and it isn’t so good- at least not good enough to have enough hits you have bought- then negative feedback will start pouring in. Disillusionment will quickly translate to bad comments, dislikes and maybe even mark your product spam- you know the routine.

On the other hand, if you let your posts or video grow in slow, sure steps, you will get a more reliable follower base. So, buying hits is not only unethical, it is also, ultimately, futile. So, it is wiser to draw up a real strategy to increase the number of hits, rather than buying a shortcut. Actual progress takes time, but you will definitely reap the benefit of your patience.

Video: BUYRAL – Professional Clicking
(First released in: November, 2012)  

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