google-adsense-secrets What Is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the top ways to earn income through online advertising. In order to start generating a profit, you submit your website or blog to Google for approval. If their team approves of your content, you are then allowed to post Google advertisements on your website. Your income is based on the number of clicks per ad. And, of course, Google takes a portion of the profit for themselves.

Google Has Secrets

While many people may know about Google Adsense, they are not aware of many secrets that lead to success through this advertising opportunity. Google’s reputation among people seems to be a little like what we think of God; the company is viewed as omnipotent, omnipresent, and it is rumored to work in mysterious ways. For this reason, using Adsense can be confusing work for many in the modern world. With all of the algorithms, constant changes, policies, and “hand slaps” from Google, many people simply are afraid to pursue this business opportunity. However, if given enough time and attention, the advertisements on your site could very well be beneficial in the future. But what are some Google Adsense secrets that could potentially help you earn a profit?

Presentation Is Everything

One of the best-kept secrets of Google Adsense is that the way that you present your advertisements can either help you or hurt you in a very significant manner. First, you want to label your advertisements with either “Sponsored Links” or “Advertisements”. This is to help draw attention to the ad, and it is completely acceptable in Google’s policies.

Next, you want to place your advertisements in the best possible place on your website. If you have a longer article or page, then advertisements generally work better in the middle or at the end of the article/page. Your readers will look for appropriate links to follow up on what they have recently read. If you have a short article/page, however, you should put the ad towards the top of the page, since that will help grab the readers’ attention.

Another significant Google Adsense secret is to make your ads blend in appropriately with your page. While you do want the advertisements to stand out to your audience, you also want to make sure they are appealing. The best way to manage this is to blend the colors of your ad with your page. Ads with no background or borders work best because they use the background of your page. Also, try setting the font of your advertisement to a slightly lighter color than the content of your website. This allows for the ad to stand out in a manner that is appealing to both your website and the advertisement.

Happy Googling

These  are just a few of the many secrets that will help you earn a profit using Google Adsense. Choosing the presentation of your ads truly is one of the most important parts of online advertising. Through careful placement of your ads and applying the right display options, you will make your ads appealing to your viewers. Just make sure to always keep up with the latest Google policies to be on the safe side of this mysterious worker of miracles.

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