google analyticsGoogle Analytics is undoubtedly a very powerful web tool for analytics despite it is a free program. This tool helps in analysing the traffic of a website. If the tool is used properly a lot of information can be retrieved about the visitors, what they were looking for and how they arrived at the website. A little practice is all it takes to know how to use Google Analytics. This powerful tool also shows how the website was referred by the search engines.

It is good to get a hang of the working of the program. This tool is user-friendly, and this article will show the user how to use the program efficiently.

Setting Up an Account

The user must have a valid account to be able to use Google Analytics. Doing this will help set up a unique identifier and will enable the user to get relevant information about the site. This allows only the owner and the people granted with special permissions to access information about the site.

Go to the Google Analytics website and Log In with an existing account or create a new account. The user will be intimated to enter the URL for the website to be analysed. The geographic details would need to be entered along with the contact information of the user. Once this is done, the user would need to read the terms and condition and agree to them in order to continue to use the service. Once the formalities are done, Google provides a code which would need to be inserted in the pages to be tracked.

How to insert the code into the pages:

The HTML of the page would be required to add the Google code. If the user is using a service like WordPress, then the coded will have to be placed within the header.php file. The following steps will show how to do it.

  1. To copy/paste the given code, look for </head> tag which would be just above the <body> tag.
  2. The code will need to be inserted in the templates as well.
  3. Once the information has been uploaded back to the site, it will start being getting tracked.

Viewing the site performance:

The site starts getting tracked as soon as the code is inserted into the pages. It takes about 24 hours to provide charts about the sites performance and gather other relevant data about the site. It is also possible to do a trend analysis which can tell if the site has peaks and off peak times. This can be viewed in Visitors in the left hand panel. The trend can be got in an hourly format as well along with a historical comparison.

What kind of traffic and where it has come from:

This tool also shows the data of the traffic that has visited the website. It can show if the traffic has arrived as a result of a search by search engines or links from other websites.

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