google chrome web browserGoogle Chrome is a light, fast, secure and convenient freeware web browser. Former versions of Google Chrome utilized the Webkit Layout Engine. The recent versions of Google Chrome use a fork of Webkit, Blink with an exception on iOS. Google released this speedy web browser in 2nd September, 2008 for Windows. Chrome was publicly released on 11th September, 2008.

StatCounter reports that Google Chrome tops the list of contemporary web browsers according to usage rate in 2013 based on the fact that Chrome has a 37 percent worldwide ‘usage share of web browsers’. however, Net Applications accounts that Google Chrome ranks third, IE being the first, followed by Firefox. In 2008, Google announced mainstream of Chrome’s source code as Chromium that is an open source project.  Chrome releases are now focused on Chromium.

About Google Chrome: Features of Google Chrome

Google chrome aspires to be safe, speedy and convenient. It is a stabilized browser with multiple customizable features. There reside widespread dissimilarities when it comes to peers in Chrome’s confined user interface. This feature is unalike contemporary freeware web browsers. Google chrome offers no RRS feeds. However, JavaScript processing rate and application presentations are sturdy traits of Google Chrome. This is why Google Chrome is regraded as one of the fastest browsers on earth with comparison to other modern web browsers.

Some noticeable aspects about Google Chrome makes it well adored among net surfers. A majority of Google Chrome’s implements were previously proclaimed by other modern browser developers of its time. However, Google publicly released and implemented them for the first time. Chrome’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) modernism, combination of search bars and address bars was formerly publicized by Mozilla in the month of May, 2008 as a plotted module of Mozilla Firefox. Version 6 of Safari and IE 9 have also utilized this emerging technique of search bars and address bars since then.

Safe browsing experience with Google Chrome

Google Chrome continuously updates two major blacklists.  One of this blacklist update is for phishing and the other one is for malware.  Users are facilitated with a warning before visiting infected sites. This updated blacklist directory of Chrome is quite strong. This security service is offered by Google Safe Browsing which is a freeware public API. Chrome also utilized a complicated procedure-allotment framework to handle various tabs which ensures further security. The multi-level Sandbox computer security unit of Google has been marked as better than that of contemporary freeware web browsers.

Customizable features of Google Chrome

Google Chrome allocates various plugins and extensions for more convenient performance. Extensions facilitate better functionality of Chrome. By installing plugins and extensions, some default features of Google Chrome may be either altered or improved. Some extensions add advanced options to the address bar as well as under the right click menu. Such as, Google Task Extension lets a user insert a task directly via Omnibox. Google Doodle Extension lets users change the Google logo on tab pages into the Google doodle of his/her choice.

In fine, Google Chrome offers a simple, user-friendly, customizable browsing experience supported by advanced security gateway.

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