google_appsFor entrepreneurs the need for managing their online businesses is more pressing than ever. So, the business suite of Google is rapidly gaining popularity and permanent foothold in the online business community. The Google apps cpanel is a ‘cloud-based productivity suite’ that helps members of a business connect from virtually any corner of the world. As downloads are not necessary, it is easy to use where the users connect through various devices.

Google Drive
Google Drive is the dedicated cloud service that comes with Google apps cpanel. It allows you to access files from virtually every device- it has Mac, PC and mobile support. It can be accessed through web browser as well. Apart from the files you upload in the Drive, the Google Docs are automatically synced in this app. Google Drive minimizes the need to carry data in portable devices because you can send docs, sheets and slides to your colleagues through an internet connection. 5GB of virtual storage is provided for free once you register with the free trial offer; you can buy more space if you wish so. 20GB of additional space is available for $4 per month and 16TB is available at $1,430.

Google Mail
It is quite unnecessary to eulogize Google Mail here because almost every internet user knows that gmail is currently the world’s most used email service. But apart from plain email features, Google mail allows instant message and video chatting services at the same time. It has 25 GB of online storage. You can set up an email in the ‘[email protected]’ format. Google Mail also has offline support if you use Google Chrome Browser- you can write and read emails even though you are disconnected from the internet for some time. It also has Google Calender integration, so that you can get reminders in your inbox. Google Translator also works with this email service, making it easier if you have an international client.

Google Sites
Building project websites is very easy with Google app cpanel. As the Google product sites claim, it is ‘as easy as writing a document’. There is a versatile templates gallery to choose from, or you can create one of your own. The site editor is very intuitive and you can add multimedia and widgets to the pages. You can also create your own Java or HTML script if you wish to customize the Google Sites. Each site is given 10GB of free space along with 500MB for each user for uploading files.

And Much More
Apart from these, there is a Calendar app that lets you add events and share them with all your friends and colleagues. Google Vault is an optional app that helps in archiving (emails and chat), information governance in Google apps. It is priced at $5 per month for every user. Here one thing you should know that if legal holds are placed on a user using Google Vault, they won’t be able to delete emails.

To sum up the whole thing, it can be easily said that Google apps is a very useful tool for all users, even if they are not involved in business. The Mail, Calendar, Drive are efficient apps for sharing and syncing documents and keeping your online life well organized.

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