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These are tools provided by Google for the webmaster to check the index status and to optimize the visibility of the site. These tools are free to use. There are a lot of ways in which traffic can be bought, but the best way is to get the traffic via means of SEO. Before a webmaster should start to optimize the site, it is a good idea to get acquainted with the Webmaster tools provided by Google and sign up for it. These tools can be found at

What kind of information do these tools give?

These tools give a wide range of options and help the webmaster make the necessary changes required. Below are some of the main information pieces that are required by the webmasters.

Checking the incoming links

This tool shows the number of quality links that are incoming from other sites. This is an important part of any search engine optimization. If the website is a recent launch, it is important to get links from the other sites to be able to gain positive ranking with Google.

Submit a sitemap

The submission of a sitemap enables Google to see all the pages included in the site. This would enable Google to crawl the site efficiently and index appropriately so that they can show you properly during a search.

Get your site crawled for errors

The website should be crawled for errors such as broken links. This is a very bad user experience since it leads to the customers going elsewhere leading to losing out on good competition. These bad user experiences can cost a lot of money in the long run.

Keyword searches

The webmaster tool helps in seeing the different keywords and phrases used by the visitor before visiting the site. This information is very helpful in finding out and generating new keywords and can be used for search engine optimization. This would lead to new opportunities and new keywords would mean a whole new set of traffic.

Adding and removing URLs

The Google webmaster tools also help the webmaster in replacing old pages with new on the website. It makes the task of removing an older webpage with a newer one quickly and easily.


It is also good to know the keywords that Google would use and the ranking criteria. It may not be always a good idea to use the keywords in mind since they might not help in getting a good ranking. Under the section “Keywords”, the keywords related to the website can be seen.

Links to your website

A well tested way is to get other sites to link up to the website which would help in increasing the rankings. A good way is to continuously monitor this using the Google Webmaster Tools and see which page of the website are getting the most number of hits. This would help make appropriate changes to the pages marked low.

A good way to monitor your link growth is to continually monitor this area in GWT. In addition to that, make sure you monitor which pages people are linking to.

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