There have been many advances in the way that Google prioritizes it’s search results, and one major change to have emerged over recent years is Google Plus. This is a social networking platform and tool created by Google which is used to help the search engine rank the quality of content online.

Google Author Rank and Authorship are two major developments that rank the authors of online content to help their websites appear at the higher end of the search results. The quality of the author’s work can be verified by other authors and visitors to the author’s website with the use of the Google +1 button.

So how reliable is Author Rank?

The advent of the Author Rank serves to prevent spammers from flooding search results with meaningless content that has been simply drenched in keywords. The popularity of a writer helps their content rise higher in search results and increases their Author Ranking. The similarities between the criteria for high-ranking content and high-ranking authors are quite similar. Good quality posts with quality and unique content is the way to increase Author Ranking in Google.

Is Author Rank one big popularity contest?

It would seem that this would be the case for much of the ranking. Authors can build their rank by commenting on posts in Google communities, adding high-ranking authors to their circle and having their audience click the +1 button on their websites.

Claiming Authorship

The way to ensure that author’s content can be tracked is to register an account with Google+. Claiming authorship helps an author protect their content against plagiarism whilst adding to their online portfolio.

What can an Author Rank do for you?

Authorship allows Google to associate your Google profile with your content, and this will show up in search results beside the search result for your content. This means that your photo will be presented every time your content shows in search results. What this means for you as an author is that you will be seen frequently online, building your reputation and your image. Eventually, you will become recognizable as a writer, which could result in you being hired as an author.

Studies have proven that it is possible to increase the chances of the link to your website being chosen, even if it isn’t at the top of the search results just by having a photo of the author beside it. By boosting the number of visitors to your site, over a short amount of time, your link will climb to the top of the search results through popularity.

You can increase your Author Rank via search results too by having other Google+ users add you to their circle. Clicking on your photo beside search results takes the user straight to your profile, where they can add you if they wish.

For writers who wish to be acknowledged as authors and who are not content with simply having a successful website, then Author Ranking is a great concept. It also helps to eliminate the kinds of keyword spamming, and uninformative websites that are created by faceless authors from appearing at the top of rankings.

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