alexa rankAlexa is a web information company and one of the internet information providers company. It provides the information of traffic and ranking of a website. According to an estimate, Alexa ranks 30 million websites worldwide. A person can search Alexa, if he wants to know about the most successful websites. Search can be done by keyword, country and category of the website also.

Not only it ranks the websites, this company also provides the webmaster service for improving the websites. Alexa pro tools can be used to increase the ranking of a website. There are millions of Alexa toolbar users all around the world. The traffic of a website can be easily compared by the traffic of all other websites of that category with the help of Alexa.

Websites are ranked by the Alexa depending on the traffic of that website. The traffic of a website is calculated by analyzing the number of users visit that website or one of the pages of the website. The rank is changed after every three months depending on the traffic data obtained by the diverse traffic data sources and by computing the web usage of Alexa toolbar users. The rank not only shows the number of users visited the website, it also shows the number of pages that are viewed by the user.

There are some important terms that are taken into consideration while ranking a website. The first one is the Reach. Reach is the measurement of the number of users viewed the website. It is shown in percentage, like if a website has a reach of 30% then it means from the 100% percent users of the internet, 30% users visited it. The second is page views. It is the measurement of number of pages viewed by person who visited the website. If a visitor views a specific page of a website many times in a day then it is counted one time. Alexa ranks the website by traffic which has visited the website in the time period of three months but there is also a traffic trend graph which shows the daily traffic rank of a website. By a trend graph the increase and decrease in website traffic can be seen easily. A website with consistent traffic gets rank increased. The main focus of Alexa is on the traffic of the website.

Alexa also ranks the blogs and the personal pages of individuals depending on traffic like the websites. There are some techniques to improve the Alexa ranking of a website. First of all a person has to download the Alexa toolbar. Write the quality content with the related keywords and post it on the social networking sites. Search engine optimization of the website increases the traffic. With the help of Alexa toolbar a person can compare his website with the competitor’s website. It provides a search function which shows the rank of a visited website and also shows the websites that are connected with the visited website in some way.

By the way, in terms of Alexa ranking system the less the merrier. If you have Alexa Rank #1, that means you are Facebook. When your new website starts to take traffic, your Alexa Rank will start from 25M-30M range.

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