buysellads-publisher is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is an online advertising network. If a person wants to make money from their blog by selling ad space on his/her blog/website, then is one of the best available options out there. This is an online advertising network which brings together online advertisers and publishers, thus enabling them to find the best possible rendezvous keeping each other’s ads and budgets in mind.

If somebody wishes to add his/her blog to the BuySellAds publisher directory, then all that they need to do is register on the website for a free account. After a publisher manages to create an account, he is provided with a form where they can enter the details about their blogs. Once the ad space has been purchased by advertisers, provides the publishers with all the necessary and required HTML code that is to be inserted into their blog’s template in order to display the ads on their blogs. When a publisher finishes submitting his/her blog to it then appears in the publisher directory. The advertisers look for sites where they want to place their ads by scanning the publisher directory. Through, the advertisers are able to purchase space on any blog directly. And the publishers need not accept payments from individual advertisers separately. The bloggers set a flat fee for the ads which are purchased in thirty day increments. A publisher can request for a cash out and get his/her earnings once his/her respective account balance reaches a minimum amount of $50.

There are quite a few advantages for a publisher (blogger) if he/she selects to sell advertising space on their blogs. The publisher just needs to set up his/her blog listing in the publisher directory and paste the HTML code provided by the website into their blog in a proper manner. Once this is done, the rest of the thing is managed by authority. The publishers can set up their account in such a manner that either the ads are automatically approved or approved manually by them. This provides the publishers with a greater control over the types of ads that they wish to display on their blog. Another added advantage of this website is that the website’s custom administrative software programs manages all payment processes so that the publishers need not to be bothered about the payment transactions. This website is an excellent option for the small blogs and start ups as it puts forward these blogs in front of a much wider and larger audience of advertisers which is unlikely for them to reach out to on their own. It is essential for the publishers to set their advertising rates at an optimum level in order to attract the advertisers towards their blog(s). This website also offers its publishers the flexibility as far as the type and the amount of advertising space is concerned.

The only drawback of this website which most publishers complain about is that the website takes away a certain percentage of the earnings from the publishers in return for the services they provide. Although publishers have to share a portion of their earnings but still helps them earn a good amount of money from blogging.

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