It is a well-known fact that SEO framework is important to boost the brand value of the company among the online users. One of the most important factors that have to be kept in mind is the objective of the marketing strategy. In a nutshell, the goal of the framework is to enhance the search engine ranking of the website. There are different strategies that can be adopted however only a few are listed below due to space constraints:

Enhancement Of Engagement

Engaging the customers is bound to have an impact on the rise in the web traffic. It is also important to evaluate the time spend on the website along with the bounce rate. Google rewards the sites that have engaging content for the users. In order to build rapport with the visitors, you should create web pages with shorter paragraphs. They comprise of no more than 2 or 3 sentences to maintain the curiosity level of the users. Writing only one sentence might make the content look like a bulleted point list. Therefore, it is vital to strike a balance to create short and crisp information.

Longer sentences are broken into shorter ones to improve the readability of the passage. People have a short attention span as they do not want to waste time on the website offering cluttered information. They are more likely to read relevant data in simple language.

In order to create powerful notifications in the content, subheadings are used. They go a long way in attracting the attention of the users. For instance, if you are explaining the attributes of the product, make sure to impart heading to each feature. In short, clarity of content plays an important role in delivering sterling results to the users.

Some of the most important steps that you can take to attract the web traffic are daily affirmations, visualizations and goal settings.

Making Bucket Brigades

It is a vital copyrighting technique to retain the interest of the readers. In fact, the technique helps to lower the bounce rate by many notches. An idea can be expressed in the form of a single huge bland paragraph however it becomes interesting if broken into smaller sentences with the help of trigger words. They can also be catchy phrases ready to capture the attention of the people.

Increase the number of shares with call to action messages

One of the most important strategies to increase the popularity of the website is to increase the shares on the social media platform. It is only possible when a call to action button is incorporated into the web page. For instance, you can encourage the readers to click on the post for sharing on Twitter. Within few minutes, one can easily garner huge web traffic.

Creating Content Around Keywords

For building a framework, make sure to design the content based on the keywords that the viewers use while finding information on the search engine. If you are a copyrighter or marketer, use the planner to identify the keywords. They provide vital information to create impressive marketing campaigns and increase the business leads. In order to be more specific about the keywords, one should visit the forms and consult the experts before proceeding ahead with the marketing campaign.

One of the tried and tested methods is to write the blog on any topic and search the relevant information through Google. The first five results can provide a better idea of the keywords and phrases common in varieties of content. You can use them to build the marketing strategy that can be quite effective from a long-term perspective. Some people may like to use the LSI keywords to enhance the probability of the search engine rankings.

Title and Description

While mentioning title and description, it is vital to include not only the keyword but also focus on the present objective of the business. It is essential to capture the niche audiences in an impeccable manner. One should always write a description on the website to provide more clarity about the products, services, and ideas. If the call to action is combined in the title, it would attract the attention of the users. They arrive in hordes to buy the items according to the requirements and specifications of the users.

Subheadings should be more interesting

The subheadings need to be more interesting for the readers. As a result, they will not lose attention while reading the passage. Paragraphs should highlight how the item or the service is used to benefit the business. In order to buttress the claims, make sure to include statistical data without any hassles.

Catchy Headlines

Catchy headlines are necessary to instantly draw the people towards the website. They create a tinge of curiosity in the minds of the readers so that they can get the desired information. It is also important to integrate long tail keywords into the content. Usage of descriptive keywords will have a direct bearing on the conversions.

Enhance the bounce rate

One of the most important factors that are incorporated into the mix is to enhance the bounce rate to a great extent. In order to accomplish the task, one should improve the design of the landing pages. The bounce rate increases due to bad user experience, therefore try to make the web pages more user-friendly.

Google Optimizer

Google Analytics plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. It uses advanced modeling to promote engagement with the customers. If click-through rates are high, the content becomes very popular over a period of time.

One should also make the page longer or in other words enumerate blogs with more than 1200 words. It is vital to make the content interesting and relevant to target the niche audiences.

YouTube SEO

The SEO strategy is never complete without including YouTube website. Companies of all hues create their own channel on the web link to capture the attention of the visitors. Make catchy videos of the products and services that are being promoted. They are bound to go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. In fact, YouTube invites a billion views that are far more than what Bing or Yahoo can ever offer.

Videos should be SEO friendly as the title is SEO optimized. One of the best ways is to implement the keywords in the description of the videos. You can also add the keyword at the start of the title and append the same at the end of the subheadings.

Making longer videos is another attribute that is crucial to enhance the search engine rankings of the website. If the content is long, it factors prominently in YouTube video search. Using better video thumbnails for indexation by the crawlers is the key to get top rankings for the website. It is to be noted that SEO strategy cannot be created in isolation but it should combine text, images, and videos to create an instant impression on the people.

The most important strategy is to increase the speed of the website. You should remove the elements that hamper the loading process. All videos should be zipped into relevant files without impacting the performance.

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