HTML5 is the new thing in the world of website designing and development that has taken over the World Wide Web like a storm. Web developers and designers are all moving towards using HTML5 for designing and developing their websites as it has emerged as the new standard language for website creation. Because of the rising stock of HTML5 in the market, it is best for people to start taking interest in this website creation language. The first step in learning HTML5 is to make an HTML5 presentation. Here is how you can create an easy to understand presentation of HTML5.

Step 1: HTML Coding
The first step in creating an HTML5 presentation is going to be the HTML code. Each presentation of HTML5 must contain at least 4 sections. These sections are going to be:

• Header
• Floating Help Navigation
• Main Slides Area
• Side Bar

The header of the HTML5 presentation is going to contain the title of the presentation. The floating help navigation is going to provide the help required when viewing the HTML5 presentation while the main slides area and side bar are going to contain information about the slides and the sidebar of the presentation.

Step 2: CSS Coding
The second step in creating an HTML5 presentation is going to be the conversion of the HTML code in to the CSS code. It needs to be remembered that the converted HTML code in CSS is going to be very large. By converting the HTML code in to CSS, you will be able to keep the structure of the HTML5 presentation intact and at the same time control the images used in the presentation in a better manner. This is why the original HTML code for the HTML5 presentation is to be converted in to CSS code.

Step 3: JavaScript
The third step in creating an easy to understand HTML5 presentation will be to add Java script in to the HTML and CSS codes. The use of JavaScript in an HTML5 presentation is done to make the presentation go live. This is an important step of creating an HTML5 presentation, which needs to be handled with the utmost care. When making anHTML5 presentation, it is important that a person remains focused when adding JavaScript in the HTML and CSS codes.

Step 4: Test Run
Once the JavaScript has been added in to the HTML5 presentation, the last step of making the presentation is to test run it and check if there are any flaws in the code or improvements required in making the HTML5 presentation more interesting to view. The test run of the HTML5 presentation is another important step that needs to be performed very carefully. One mistake here can lead to the presentation not making an impact on the target audience. Therefore, it is necessary that a person remains focused and calm when test running his HTML5 presentation.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps for creating an HTML5 presentation, you would encounter no problem in coming up with an excellent presentation of HTML5.

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