pagerank conceptPageRank of a website shows the importance of that website on World Wide Web. PageRank is a system of Google that ranks a web page. According to PageRank, the links acts as a vote. When a page is linked to another page of similar theme and category, it is casting a vote for it. The number of links on a web page that are casting vote is considered important. The pages with high PR helps in increasing the PR of the page for which it casts a vote. The numbering of PageRank is 0 to 10. When a website or a web page is uploaded on web, its PageRank is 0. With the passage of time, the PageRank starts increasing when the page is linked with other related pages. The PR is assigned to every web page individually. The web page with PageRank 10 is the most important web page on the World Wide Web like Facebook.

To increase Google PageRank first thing that is needed are the backlinks. Link the page with the other pages but the most important thing that should be kept in mind is that the page should be linked with the relevant page. Try to get the links of pages with high PageRank having high traffic. Never link with the web pages with duplicate content and with the pages that are optimized with black hat techniques of SEO.  Quality of links is very important.

The second thing that can be done to increase the PageRank of a web page is to submit the URL of that page on different web directories and reference websites. Add unique and informative content on the pages of website. The SEO also boosts the PageRank of a page. For search engine optimization, use relevant keywords in the content. Take extra care of keyword density in content.

Do commenting, write articles and submit it with the page URL and participate in the forums. Join different forums, post the link of page on it with the related content to inform the people visiting that forum about your business or services. These people will be interested to click on it, and the traffic of page increases.

Article submission with URL of web page is a great way of generating new traffic. Join social media sites and write blog posts for backlinks to increase the PR of a page. By the way, you need to know the concept of no follow links ( rel=”nofollow” ) in order to fully understand which backlinks are useful in terms of PR, which does not affect PR but increase traffic and awareness only.

When a person registers a domain name, it is better to register it for more than 2 years. By registering it for many years, Google trust it and assign a PR to every page of a website depending on the backlinks. Purchasing an IP address for a domain is great because if a person shares an IP address with other webmasters (due to the spam activity done by another webmaster on the server) it can result in the ban of all the registered domains of that IP address.

Always take care of the things that can decrease the PageRank of the page like copy paste content because if a PageRank decreases once then it is very difficult to get it back up. Avoid linking with the spam websites.

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