being trustworthyTrustrank is a method of link analysis; it is used to separate the websites and web pages from the spam. Basically, the trust rank is the level of trust which is granted to every website. Trustrank is the most important factor that determines the rank and position of a website in search engine result pages (SERPs). High ranking is achieved by the websites that are trustworthy and do not uses spam techniques or black hat techniques for the search engine optimization of website. There are many spam web pages that are developed to mislead the search engines, and black hat techniques are used for achieving high rank on the search engines pages. The trustrank of a website changes with time, and it is achieved by a website depending upon the pagerank of websites that are linked to that website.

There are many things that affect the trustrank of a website.

  • The first thing is the domain age. The older the domain age, the more website is trusted.
  • The second thing is the addition and changing of content on the website to make it up to date.
  • Thirdly, using black hat techniques affect the trustrank badly.
  • The fourth point is; using the keywords that are not relevant to the website to attract the traffic makes website to lose the trust in search engines.
  • The fifth thing that reduces the trustrank is adding the content in the website that is not related to the theme of the website.
  • The last and the most important are the backlinks. The websites all over the web are interlinked or interconnected with each other through backlinks. By linking a website with the one which uses spam techniques decreases the trustrank of the website.

For increasing the trustrank of a website or web pages, the following points should be kept in mind.

First of all always get a backlink or interlink a website with the website of same theme. It is not necessary to get backlinks of high page rank web pages, the main point is that it must be related to website category. Don’t get backlinks from websites that use black hat techniques for SEO. So, always try to get backlinks from the trusted sources.

The content added on a website must be informative, high quality and related to the website. Content should not be copy pasted from other websites otherwise Google and other search engines will ban the website. The keywords used in the content should be relevant to the website. Update and add content to the website at regular intervals of time.

Use old domain names (if possible), as it is stated above that the older the domain age, the more it is trusted. Google and other search engines reduce the trustrank of the websites with new domain names.

Avoid using too many terms in a domain name like

Getting a unique IP address contributes a lot in increasing the trustrank of a website as it shows owner’s care and the importance of his website.

Taking care of all these factors is very important as the increase and decrease of trustrank of a website depend upon these factors. Usage of white hat techniques for search engine optimization helps a website in gaining high trustrank.

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