youtube videosYoutube has started a revenue sharing program known as Youtube’s partner program with which millions of people are earning money by uploading videos on Youtube.

People post hundreds of funny or informative videos on Youtube, money can be earned if a person gets partnership in Youtube’s partner program. Youtube shares profit with the owner of video that is gained by the clicking of viewers on the video. A specific percentage of money is given to the video’s owner.

When a person uploads a video and his/her video starts getting thousands of clicks and views then he/she gets an email from Youtube that says the person to apply for the revenue sharing. For getting profit from the video at least 10,000 views are needed. To earn a large amount of money half a million views and clicks are required. If a person’s video has started getting views then he/she should sign up for the Google Adsense and read the terms and conditions of Youtube for protecting the video. Don’t let anyone else earn money from the video.

Here are some steps for uploading videos and earning money:

The first step is to make a video which is interesting, always try to make videos that are of high quality. Put your whole effort in making a great video because the more the video is interesting, the more a person get profit over it.

Second step is the uploading of video, create a catchy title and upload it. The title must be attractive and the topic of the video must be unique if a person really wants to get thousands of clicks on it.

A great way of the promotion of video is to write informative articles with the videos attached with them and promote it on different sites like StumbleUpon or Digg.

Make blogs for the promotion of videos. There is a possibility that the internet users viewing the blog clicks and views the videos.

Join the Youtube partner program, it links the Youtube account of the video owner with his/her Google Adsense account and as the views of the video cross 10,000 Youtube shares revenue. A person should apply for the revenue sharing when he has enough videos uploaded and a large number of views of the videos.

If the application is rejected by the Youtube, a person can apply again. But before applying again increase the views of video by promoting it. The approval depends on the number of views of the video.

There are specific terms and conditions of Youtube on sharing revenue. Youtube never allows a person to earn money with the videos that are not good for kids. The content should be owned by the person uploading it and has the permission of the people shown in the video for uploading. A person has to upload the videos regularly in order to earn money with Youtube Partners program. If the person uploading the video is not the creator of that video then he must have the permission of the video owner. So, all the above stated things should be kept in mind.

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