Google+Google+ is a social media website which if used properly can be a very effective social media tool and can generate results as required. If a share of the time that is put into other networking sites can be put into Google+, it will definitely help you to flourish your online business. Every tool has its own strategy and Google + also has its own way too. In the article we will be speaking about how to manage communities on Google+.

The size of the community does not matter if it is inactive. What matters most is how active the members of your community. Only an active community can ensure  that your business will grow on G+ and the it will appear more often during searches.

A few techniques or strategies that could be adopted so that the benefits of an active member can be harvested are discussed below.

Notifications : respond appropriately

It is good to check the daily notifications on Google+ and respond to them appropriately. Always check who has posted new messages or if any notifications have been forwarded. Share posts and thank people who share yours. Leave a comment for every post that you like and comment on anything that requires your response. If they add you to a circle, you can thank them by adding them to one of your circles. It’s always good to be nice.

Do a Search for Your Brand and Keywords

Check your brand name by doing a quick search. You will know exactly what people are saying about your brand. This search will help to look up all posts, comments, questions and facts that people share with each other. You will also get an idea about information that they would like to know. These results can be filtered down to Google+. It’s a good idea to keep your ears open to all types of feedback that are available.

“View Ripples”

Google+ Ripples which was introduced in the year 2011 is an effective tool to show how your posts in Google+ are spreading. Any post can be viewed by clicking “View Ripples” which is available on the drop down menu.  It shows the statistics about who has shared the content and how your post is spreading among people. This enables the user to concentrate on the kind of content that would benefit his/her brand.

Include others in your posts

It is a good strategy to include other competitors in your posts. Whenever you mention about someone in your post, they receive a notification that you have included them and then they are more likely to visit your post and leave their comments. Some of them would keep coming back to see what you have been up to. Try and link up other competitors, blogs, communities to determine what would be right for your brand.

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