online advertising successStarting an online business is not an easy task; a businessman has to work very hard to run his business successfully. Either the business is big or small; there is always a risk of loss. When a person has invested a large amount of money in online business then he should do every possible effort to make his business flourish.

For the sales of products and services, one of the best things a businessman (website owner) can make use of is Pay per Click Campaign (PPC Campaign). PPC Campaign helps a lot in generating profit and making online business successful. Pay per click is marketing tool which is used for increasing the traffic of a website and in Internet world PPC Campaign is getting famous day by day.

Pay per click is a service; a website owner having online business for selling his products and services pays per click to the other website or blog owner which advertises his products and services. The products are advertised on other websites which are related to each other, the hyperlinks are inserted in the content of the pages with keywords and when the visitor clicks on the link to get the desired information then the website owner pays to the advertiser website owner on every click.

For achieving success, the keywords must be selected with care which describes the products and the services. Advertisement is also done with the help of back links. It is the most effective method of increasing the sales. For increasing the ranking and remaining in the top list of the search engines a website owner with online business should succeed in pay per click campaign management. It increases the possibility of getting more profit. Online marketing strategy, PPC cannot be ignored by a businessman running business online.

To measure the success free tools are provided by Google. First of all a website owner has to link the Adwords account and the Google Analytics account. Google Analytics keeps the record of the traffic (internet users) that visits a website. It gives all the information to the website owner that how many users view the website and how many pages they viewed. A simple method of measuring the success in PPC Campaign is to measure it with the help of conversion through Google Analytics.

Online sales is one of the conversion types, when a visitor purchases any product, the transaction can be tracked by just inserting a tracking code in the page that the customer sees after filling the form, it can be a thank you page. This can be easily measured that how many internet users has contacted a website by clicking on advertisement.

Another way of measuring success is by setting the goals funnels in Google Analytics. In the Analytics program, a path is created which a visitor has to follow for completing the goal. The goal is mapped out in Analytics and it is registered for every visitor that views the website and reaches on the goal page. The actions that a visitor takes on a website are tracked in Google Analytics program like when a visitor clicks on the submit form.

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