find keyword ideasWhat is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an advertising program which is one of the Google’s main revenue generators.  AdWords are sold in basically two forms pay-per-click advertising (CPC) and cost per mille impressions advertising (CPM). They are also into site targeted advertising such as banner, media advertisements and text. The programs offer local, national, and international coverage.

The creation and designing of a website is only one part of the sphere. The other parts of it are getting relevant traffic on a regular basis. It does not matter whether it is a commercial or personal website, but Google’s pay-per-click advertising can be of great help in generating the required traffic. The Adwords keyword tool can be used to select keywords which would work the best for the website. This tool helps in considering keywords which the user might have otherwise overlooked.


After logging into the account, click on the “Tools and Analysis” drop-down menu and select “Keyword Tool.”

Enter a related search term in the “Word or Phrase” field. Put each word or phrase in a new line if doing a multiple search.

A URL can be put in the “Website” field in addition to the search term(s) in the “Word or Phrase” field. If the Website field is only populated, it will only return a list of keywords suggested for that particular website whereas entering both the Website and Word or Phrase boxes will generate data for both.

The “Category” field needs to be filled with the suggested category of the search.

It’s a good idea to tick the “Only Show Ideas Closely Related to My Search Terms” otherwise it may return more than the required results for the searched.

The “Advanced Options and Filters” will help in narrowing search information and make the results more specific by asking for more specific instructions.

On clicking “Search” in AdWords the suggested terms and phrases will be displayed inside the “Keyword Ideas” tab.

The data appears beside each other in the Competition column, Global Monthly Searches column and Local Monthly Searches columns in the results.

a)    Competition Column: Gives an estimate of the number of advertisers who are bidding on a particular keyword. If a choice has to be made in between two keywords it’s good to use a keyword which shows up as Low or medium in the competition column.

b)    Global Monthly Searches column: This column shows how often a particular keyword is searched which relates to the locations, language, and devices that were specified. Always choose a keyword which has a high search volume

c)    Local Monthly Searches column:  This column shows if you multiple locations were specified and a location is not within the country or AdWords does not have any information regarding it.

Choosing the right keyword is a saviour. Keywords are the key and will make the difference required. It’s always good to do single search initially till you are acquainted to the tool and then do multiple keyword searches. Don’t try and do it fast, doing it right is more important and you will discover the perfect keywords.

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