mochi media inc.Are you a Flash game developer who is looking for new tools to improve your new creations? If the answer is yes then you have found the right site, you have found Mochi media website that has a dedicated section for Flash game developers. But what is this exactly? Well mocha media is a popular website that allows game developers to have a helpful hand while creating their new games. The site gives users the chance to simply monetize, track and spread their games all over. Having the help of this great website will make your life as a Flash game developer much easier and more profitable.

Mochi media INC. gives users several tools to increase the quality of their games as well as make the most profit of it as possible. Some of the great things this site offers include:

  • ADS API – Add advertisements on your games and make more money. Simple and practical.
  • Scores API – Integrate your game to facebook, one of the most used social media networks today. Here you can also add some interesting perks to the game such as medals and higher scores.
  • Game Distributor Network – The most amazing tool of the whole site. Here you will have the chance to spread your master piece. You will be able to have over 30.000 sites check out your flash games.
  • Achievements API – Here you can add interesting achievements to your game, that way more people will want to play it!
  • Live Updates – You can keep your game safely encrypted while you make your own instant updates to it. Only an incredible developer site would do that for you.
  • Analytics API – With this wonderful, and very necessary tool you will be able to track the how many users are playing your game no matter where it is on the web.

The site also has space for users who simply want to check the newest flash games available on the market. In case you are a an advertiser or even a game publisher the site also has a space dedicated to you. The site will connect the games developed to several hundred thousand sites all over the world. Once you start looking for a game you will be able to sort through the categories, that way you will easily find what you are looking for. The site counts with beautiful designs and is extremely easy to use. It is truly user friendly.

The site offers great deals for advertisers as well as publishers. For instance if you are an advertiser you can get the best games for as little as $100 dollars. There is simply nowhere else on the web that offers this much quality for you. In case you are not so certain on how you can begin exploring this rich world of entertainment the site has a quick and useful step by step guide that will allow you to start up as fast as possible.

As a conclusion the Mochi media INC is simply one of the best options when it comes to the flash game world. There you can improve, sell, publish and also advertise. Everything in one!

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