pinterest for your businessPinterest is a much-loved and user-friendly site that thousands of people visit everyday. Hence promoting your business using Pinterest is worth your time and effort. The name of the site perfectly describes the concept behind Pinterest. The profile format is similar to a “pin board” that allows you to display, share, collect and arrange pictures and other items that you want your friends and followers to see. As the site has very simplistic features for visual bookmarking, organizing and sharing the ideas and other featured items, it has become a platform for individuals and businesses alike.

Here are some tips that can help you promote your business with the help of Pinterest:

Pinterest “Follow” and “Pin It” button:

  • Adding a Pinterest “Follow” button to your business website is the best way to let your clients know about your presence on Pinterest.
  • The Pinterest “Pin It” button on your website will encourage the readers and customers to pin the descriptions of your products on their Pinterest pinboard; and their friends and followers will get to know about your products by this way.

Promoting brands on Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has not yet put forward separate systems for individual profiles and business/brand pages (like Facebook or other social media), therefore opening a Pinterest account with your brand name is a good idea for making good uses of personal pins and shared boards.
  • Linking your Facebook and Twitter brand account with Pinterest is also helpful for promoting your business. Try importing and using the same pictures, information and other elements on your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles.

Pin smartly:

  • Having concerned about what and how you pin is very important for your business. Provide valid URLs and permalinks, check the sources of your pins and give credits to the original author/artist where necessary.
  • For original contents, use a watermark of your brand or company to make it look more genuine and professional.
  • Use your creativity while creating board names, captions and pins. Try using keywords and creative phrases.
  • Keep an eye on the time of the pin. There are peak and off peak times in social networks that depend on when the fans are pinning. People visit social networks mostly on week days between 2-4 pm, nights, and weekends.
  • Pin on a regular basis and try to keep a regular interval between two consecutive pins.
  • If your business is about selling products, then don’t forget to add price tags to your pins. While you type a price in the pin description, Pinterest automatically tracks it and adds a price banner to your pin.

Use SEO tools and referral traffic:

  • While creating pins, apply your SEO knowledge to build traffic. Understand how people search for your product on the web. Use laser targeted keywords to make your pins ranked high on Pinterest search. Use the maximum space available in the “about” section of your profile to describe your business with SEO oriented keywords.
  • To get referral traffic, build relationships with followers and other business profiles of the site. Share their pins to get shared in return.

Use the power of social networking:

  • Start searching and following users and boards that relate to your business interest. Follow them, communicate with them and repin their content. Start building your own community of fans and followers.
  • Comment on and like other pins. This is almost similar to Facebook, Twitter, G+ or other social networks.
  • Regularly check your repins. The efforts the followers make should be appreciated properly.
  • Use names and tags where it is applicable. Use (@) for name tag and (#) for highlighting the keywords. This will create a great impression for your business because people like it when they get answers from the users they follow.

Ask your followers about their choices and preferences. Try to make an impression on their mind that you do care for their likes and interests.

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