pinterestPinterest is a social networking site which has been started with a unique concept and become one of the most popular one in a very short time. Pinterest has proven record that it helps website publishers to drive more traffic to their site. This is an image based networking site. An image can tell many thing and thus it can draw the attention of people as well. Basically it has been the concept behind Pinterest.

Make your blog post pinnable:

The very first thing that you should do is to make your website pinnable. Adding Pinterest buttons on a website will make it easier for the users to pin images. There are many plugins that you can use. A user can easily share your images then and put it up on their Pinterest boards in no time.

In case a website is being created with the main interest to get Pinterest traffic, you should make sure that a Pin button must be linked to every image you post.  This will ensure that the images are easily pinnable.

Ask people to pin images on your Pinterest board

There are not many who know about how this works. It is s great idea to encourage people to register on the website so that they can directly pin images on the wall. A simple effort can end up with amazing results. This will enable more and more visitors to visit regularly and create a strong network or user group. There are various ways of getting traffic through Pinterest, as for instance, you can arrange competitions and give away prizes to the winners.

Make the Pin Board flashy and lively

Make your Pinterest board as attractive as possible, This will also trigger the users imagination to add variety of images which will eventually make the Pin board better. A nicely decorated pin board will be definitely something that people will love to visit over and over again. If the pinned pictures are enticing, this will also help you to get the attention of your potential customers/clients.

Make sure that you abide by all terms and conditions and no laws are violated. This will only lead to bad publicity. Try the methods that have been suggested above. If you can make the best use of it, it may turn into a very powerful marketing tool.

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