squidoo-logoSquidoo is something that you shouldn’t ignore while doing marketing on the internet. It can be used as a classified content based marketing tool. It can play an important role in the marketing plan of start up companies as well as big companies. It can also help a niche based site good page ranking and increase online visibility. All this would mean extra traffic to the website and more conversion rate!


How to make the most out of Squidoo:

  1. The first step is to try and optimize your Squidoo page as much as possible. The advantages of creating Squidoo lenses include the ability to change lens name and targeted keyword which makes them easily searchable online.
  2. Try and use very catchy titles. Every bit of creative writing will mean more user attention and interest. Try and make the content and the title as unique as possible. These should be benefit driven or provoking.
  3. Offer very unique and interesting information. Creating a loyal reader base will mostly depend on the quality of the lenses. It is very important to know what the audience is looking for and how you can deliver it to them. Make sure that the lenses are informative and include information like trade secrets, advise and expert tips.
  4. Make sure that the audience enjoys reading the lenses. It should be to the point and easy to understand. Always classify the content into small paragraphs in a very logical flow. This would ensure continuity in the content which would actually persuade a visitor to read from the beginning to the end. Try not to be repetitive.
  5. Optimize the lenses and use keywords which are relevant so that the lenses can get good ratings on Squidoo. It’s always best to use one primary keyword and two secondary keywords that users are constantly searching for. Try and stick to the normal length of a lens in order to make sure that your users don’t feel bored while reading your content.
  6. Link your lenses to other lenses which have very good user rating.

If the above methods are practiced, Squidoo can prove to be a nice tool to increase traffic and online visibility of your website.

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