html5 for dummiesIf you are aware of web design/development and use it regularly then you must know about HTML. It is the writing language for web pages, which is used to create websites we see on the internet. HTML5 is the newest version of HTML that has literally transformed the World Wide Web and has taken over from its predecessor versions in a matter of a few years. It is because of this astronomical rise in HTML5’s popularity and use, that people have started enquiring about it. Here is a guide of HTML5 for dummies that instructs them about the features of this new amazing language.

New Semantics
The first most amazing feature present in HTML5 for beginners to learn is the new semantics it has introduced. Thanks to HTML5, we now have more easy to understand tags for website navigation and videos. Another important new semantic added in HTML5 to play with is the new API’s it has developed for the users. These new semantics offered by HTML5 can help them in understanding HTML5 and how to use it effectively to build a website.

Error Handling
Another important feature present in HTML5 for beginners to learn is the improved error handling it provides. This incredible feature provided in HTML5 allows novices to make mistakes while typing the syntax by being flexible in handling the syntax errors. Thus, even people who have no prior experience of writing a website in HTML can try their hand and write a website in HTML5. The provision of this extra ordinary feature makes it possible for beginners to make use of this new web language without encountering any serious troubles. Thus, error handling is among the most important and popular features of HTML5.

No Need for Third Party Softwares
One of the most amazing features of HTML5 for beginners is that it does not require any assistance of the third party softwares like flash to embed videos on the website. With HTML5 providing codes for videos and audios, there is no need for any third party software. This new feature has made HTML5 for dummies the easiest web language to learn and use. Moreover, because of this new feature of HTML5, this language is considered a good starting point for budding web developers as well.

Consistency is also among the best features of HTML5 for beginners that can help them in learning this language. Due to the consistency of the HTML and the code used in the making of the website, HTML5 is an ideal web language to learn. This feature makes learning HTML5 an easier proposition than most other languages.

Easy to Learn
HTML5 is an easy to learn web language. This feature of HTML5 is quite valuable, as they do not require much time to learn this amazing language. It helps newbie learners understand the use of this language very quickly.

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