outbound-linkLinks are the connection between various web pages and when such links are attached to websites, they are called outbound links. On the other hand, SEO stands for search engine optimization that defines the optimization of how one website can be reached through search engines.

How it works
If you are getting traffic from other sites through backlinks or inbound links, it is due to the fact that the site displays outbound links that are redirected to your site.

The links are placed on the related sites with a motive of increasing the availability of resources from multiple database of various websites. Outbound links are used rarely by the webmaster as it drives traffic to other sites.

Why Sites provide outbound links
Organisation sometimes willfully provide outbound links to increase their level of services. Few companies charge for providing outbound links for your company.

Many social networking sites, search engines, free sites, free voucher sites display outbound links in exchange of money. This is online advertisement and the charge for the space on their webpage depends on the popularity of the site.

Sites like Wikipedia, online dictionary, etc have to make outbound links to expand their explanation with practical experience, calculations and images.

What it does for users
Users usually try to spend their minimum time for searching required information. When they enter into a website through search engines, they don’t like to come back to search engines again and restart their search. So they prefer to get some quality outbound links on the site they are already browsing.

Importance of Outbound links for SEO

  • Outbound links are also important as inbound links.
  • Keywords used for outbound link attract potential customers.
  • Outbound links help the site in providing users the details which are available on other sites.
  • Outbound links help to establish connection between related companies.
  • Search engines are based on outbound links as they are the hub of searchers for important and related sites for users.
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