According to recent YouTube statistics, there are over 100 hours worth of videos being added to YouTube every minute. On top of that, there are millions of subscriptions happening to different channels, and each month there is over an estimated 6 billion hours of videos watched. Given those statistics there’s no denying the popularity of YouTube. While the site itself is popular though, it doesn’t mean that just anyone is able to make an account and instantly become popular themselves.

There’s obviously no shortage of videos available on YouTube. Just about every subject imaginable has numerous videos dedicated to it. While the subjects might be the same, it is still possible to have a unique take on the subject. One of the biggest appeals about YouTube is how easy it is to make an account and start uploading videos. Unlike some of the other video hosting sites on the internet, YouTube doesn’t have any signup fees or the like.

With so many videos in existence, it is hard for users to really get the chance to stand out and improve their rankings. This is extremely discouraging to new users and can be enough for some to just give up after uploading only a few videos, since it doesn’t seem like there is any hope of their videos getting any views. There are a few tips that new and old users alike can use to try and improve their YouTube rankings.

New Content

While it is discouraging for users not to see their videos getting many hits, it doesn’t mean that they should just give up on creating content. Publishing fresh content means that the account will frequently get updated in YouTube’s search algorithms, which can help to increase ranking. More content also naturally means that there’s an increased chance of getting more viewers.

YouTube users are more likely to subscribe to a channel that either has consistently new content or at the very least a large amount of old videos. If there’s only two or three videos on an account then there isn’t much of a reason to subscribe even if the videos are enjoyable, unless there’s something that hinting at future updates.


Another way to generate a higher rank is to make sure that all of the videos being uploaded have comments enabled. Encouraging comments will help to improve the rankings of the video, so anyone uploading videos should try and respond to any comments within a few hours of being posted.

There are some other factors that go into determining YouTube rank, but unfortunately some of these are harder for the owner of the video to influence. For example, ranking will improve if a video is able to generate video responses from other users. This isn’t something that anyone uploading videos can necessarily influence though beyond trying to encourage responses by making a comment about it, either in the video itself or at least the general description. Users that frequently make video responses to other uploads though might then have their own videos responded, plus if nothing else they can then put their initial video response up on their channel.

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