If you are interested in the internet and would like to know some interesting facts about it, this is the infographic for you! Although we have some certain ideas regarding the future of the internet, this infographic (prepared by Staff.com) will help you add up some other ideas to your pre-existing ones!

Some people believe most internet users are from the USA, however they are not! It might seem hard to believe, however China has more than double of the amount of internet users, if compared to the USA. Another interesting fact, still involving China is that there is a site called Alibaba.com that sells more than Amazon and Ebay together! We are now facing the China power era!

Internet has millions of users all over the world and more than 46% of the people in the world have a profile on Facebook! And it is also nice to remember that Chinese people are not allowed to have profiles on this social network.

If you own a site or even plan on having one in the next years, make sure it works on tablets and mobiles! We will have tablets overcome the number of desktops by the year 2015. It is also shocking to know more facts regarding Google, Youtube and Facebook. Daily, 350 million pictures are updated on the social networking site. Youtube on the other hand, gathers in a year as much video content as Hollywood would take 43.000 years to create. And finally, Google has already photographed over 5 million roads all over the world. That would be enough to go from Earth to the Moon more than 10 times! It is simply astonishing how the internet has expanded over the last few years, however, we now should expect even crazier changes! We have to be prepared. Every single day counts for the development of the internet!


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