affiliate marketing trendsHave you ever heard of something called Affiliate marketing? If not Affiliate Marketing is about rewarding affiliate companies that bring new clients to the main business. This is a common method used in the web. This interesting method has been growing and has boomed now, with the advances of the internet in a worldwide scale.

Today we have this neat infographic brought to you by NetX, a performance marketing services company that helps advertisers meet new customers. NetX performs this research every single year.

But now, on to the facts!

This infographic shows us that Affiliate Marketing has grown incredibly fast , almost 150% ever since the year 2000. It shows us that most affiliate marketers are male and aged 25-34, went to college, do it as a part time business and are in 2 to 5 different affiliate programs.

The stats also show us the main reasons why people decide to follow this interesting marketing option. One of the main reasons people chose this method is because there is a chance of earning greats amounts of money per commission.

We can see that the main way to do Affiliate Marketing is through the web, mainly with affiliate networking websites, however there are other simple ways to do it, such as by sending emails and using blogs.

But after all, what are people trying to promote through Affiliate Marketing. Researches show that most affiliate marketers want to optimize their own websites for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Therefore if you are in the marketing business world or even just curious about the subject this infographic will give you a lot of useful information. It will help you understand what is going on on the business world as well as the trends it is following today. Check it out!

Affiliate Marketing Trends

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