After successfully launching their newest feature named Marketplace, where you can buy and sell items within your community, Facebook also started collaborating with eBay. The social media platform launched their newest feature within the Marketplace section of their mobile app where a selection of products from eBay’s Daily Deals program is available. You can purchase these items directly through the Facebook app, but the checkout will lead you to eBay’s website through the in-app browser.

This section is prominently positioned in the mobile app and it has a central spot on any device, between the “Video” and “Notifications” icons. The idea behind this feature was to aggregate all the items that are for sale from all the ‘buy and sell’ groups across Facebook. This is an easier and a more centralized way to look for and shop for items sold by the local sellers. And with the addition of eBay’s Daily Deals, now there is another section when opening Marketplace. These deals mostly emphasize products in the fashion, consumer electronics and home & garden categories and there is a timer at the top of the page indicating how long these deals are available.

There are around 100 new products posted on the Daily Deals section every day, and you can even share these items with people in your friends list via Messenger. Although eBay is the current source for all the deals, this arrangement that Facebook has made is not exclusive to eBay. If it shows to be a popular feature, Facebook could expand it to include other eCommerce platforms as well.

This feature was explored by Facebook several years ago in a collaboration with Groupon. The goal back then was to connect their users to deals that were located in their area with all kinds of businesses.

But nowadays, all of these businesses can easily reach customers by setting up their own Facebook pages. Meanwhile, the feature of the Daily Deals gives the social media platform more of a ‘real’ shopping feature where you can browse products by trusted eBay sellers and buy directly in the Facebook app.

This was just one of the many collaborations and crossovers that eCommerce platforms have done with social media platforms. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic: eBay and Facebook

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