It is clear that Facebook provides a lot of chances for web publishers to make money. Regardless of your company or even interests you will definitely find advertisements of all sorts. There is no doubts that Facebook came to stay. You have over millions of people from all over the world who have a an account on the social media network. There is absolutely no denying that Facebook has the opportunity to entertain people and also to make a lot of money with that. Year after year we are able to see the increasing amount of advertisement put on Facebook. Shoe stores, food companies and even new products are show on the page every single day. But who, after all, keeps it all up and running? Us, the users! We pay for the advertisement that Facebook has! We do not need to buy, only by seeing we already help them with money!

This interesting infographic will show us how Facebook has become a great source of money for people. We will understand more about the CPC and the CPM. These two terms are related to Clicks per Click and then the Cost Per Mille. The basic difference is the number of clicks. Because one will show the unitary value and the other one will show the value per a thousand clicks. Brought to us by this neat infographic will clearly show us the prices that countries pay. For example, the country that pays the most for CPC and CPM is Japan. As for the country that pay the least we could say that we have quite a few such as Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you intend to advertise or simply know more about how facebook is earning some cash then this neat infographic is the best read for you!

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