Facebook Vs TwitterWIckedelic brought to you this neat infographic that shows some very interesting facts about the fight between Facebook and Twitter. Who gets more pictures every single day? How many users do they have worldwide? Take a look at this interesting infographic and learn lots of interesting facts about the two largest social media web sites in the world today.

First of all it is nice to know that Facebook came around almost 2 years prior to Twitter. Most people spend at least 20 minutes per visit on Facebook, in average. Twitter users on the other hand, rarely post things there, however they spend a lot of time taking a look at other people’s tweets. Facebook has many more users than Twitter does. Facebook is a bigger company with more than 4 thousand employees , whereas Twitter counts with less than one thousand collaborators. Every single day about 300 thousand people create a new account on Facebook and when it comes to Twitter you can see that about 200 thousand people create an account on the website.

There are several countries that use both social web sites. Some of the countries that like to access both are Brazil, USA, UK, India, Australia among others. People of all ages use both social web sites. You can find users that are as young as 12 years old and as old as 60 years old. It does not matter the age, people simply love to know more about other people’s lives, play games and also post some facts about their daily lives.

The infographic will also show some numbers regarding the number of pictures, likes, tweets and others that are posted online every single day. It is crazy to imagine the amount of pictures and information that each site receives daily. Take a look at the infographic and see every single detail for yourself. You will certainly like it!

Facebook Vs Twitter

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