For those who still do not know what Google PageRank is all about, here it goes: It’s a Google score from 1 to 10 that that rates the popularity of an indexed page according to the external links that are linked to it. This interesting infographic brought to you by will explain how Google will rank your page according to the place “your” links come from.

The first important fact to remember is, the worst the sites that “advertise” your site are, the lower your ranks before Google PageRank will be. This happens because the quality of the sites that advertise you also matter. Even If your site is good and provides good services, if advertised by sites that provide poor content, then Google will automatically relate that you can not be so trusted. Therefore having your links is simply like voting, the poorer your voter is, the worst it is going to be to your page’s reputation. The sites that Google take more into consideration when advertising your links are .edu and .gov. It is also important to have sites like yours advertise you, because it shows people from your field trust you enough to have you as their friend.

If pages that advertise your links also advertise for other sites, the PageRank will split the importance of the votes among all links, therefore it would be nice with reliable sites advertised you, and only you! In case you vote for someone who votes for you PageRank will automatically cancel it for you both! Helping a friend who helps you out does not work out!

And, as a last thing to consider when thinking about Google PageRank is the fact that you need the most popular sites and people to vote on you, that way you will reach “popularity” much, much faster!


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